≣ Welcome to DЯΛMΛ ¢ℓυв ♡ ❝ !! we are hiring staff !! ❞ A welcoming community based on meeting new people A place where everyone can make friends and hang out! A server that is kind and safe for everyone so get warm and cozy! ⌘ Low Moderation ⌘ Self-Assignable roles ⌘ Games ⌘ Active Talkative Members ⌘ Partnerships ⌘ Selfie Channels ⌘ Custom bots to keep you entertained ⌘ Friendly/non biased chill staff ⌘ Nitro boosters also receive their very own custom role We want, variety from Video Games, Anime and Music. its all based on what you like ! JOIN US NOW !!
This Server Is Made For People Who Play Hypixel. We Have Friendly Staff And A Chill Community To Hang Out With. You Can Play Games, Ask Questions, And Find Parties.