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Townkins: Wonderland Village Official Discord server.
Community discord for the Re:Legend game!
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Minecraft Server
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Bonjour et bienvenue sur le discord abonné(e)s de l'agriculteur normand .
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This is a fun gaming discord, mostly about animal crossing. This is a "cult". You are semi-required to have your ac character to be a cowboy. But you have to be a cowboy when raiding islands. Please join us! We need some help!
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Farming Members 👨‍🌾 A piece of shit server just for farming members :) Join us to achieve our goal, and be the 1st server to have so many members with a very simple server. What can we provide to you? a channel called #🌊╎spam where a lot of people will be spamming randomly... ... and it will piss you off during the night, 100% sure :))) Enjoy!
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Bonjour, Bienvenue au sein de la communauté Team des Quatre Coins d'France Une communauté fun et délirante, au plaisir de vous connaitre. L'équipe
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Here we play and Tanki Online (sometimes Minecraft) We're just trying to draw farms and destroy tanks.
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The Altered discord is now live! A cross platform server for those that prefer to theory craft, grind and focus on endgame. This is for people interested in discussing builds, crafting and strategy for expeditions, endgame and farming. All are welcome from casual to hard core players. Use our LFG to find your expedition or farming team for release. Always have someone to play with. Come in and chat all things Outriders, show off your legendary weapons, talk about the upcoming expeditions or participate in class building specific to the classes you want to play. Community events are now available! Sign-up to compete against other teams to complete the first expedition and win prizes!