Gaming | Programming
Open source software produced by The Away Foundation, including web libraries AwayJS and AwayFL. AwayJS is a general purpose graphics engine for web browers, leveraging Typescript and WebGL. AwayFL is a emulator libraries for the Adobe Flash Player, allowing in-browser playback of legacy .swf files without plugins.
Anime | Gaming
This server has all my youtube content, but also some flash and anime roblox reacreations! (Feel free to join :))
YouTuber | Entertainment
This server is for Great Star Fans! By the one and only great star.
Role-Playing | Social
DC Comics is a safe and enjoyable place that's accepting of everyone regardless of whether you're a fan or not. We do not solely discuss the works of DC Comics, we also have channels designated for other franchises and publishers. And of course, there's a RP section for Role-Players.