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Orbital is an open-source virtualization-based PlayStation 4 emulator for Windows and Linux. It's goal is allowing the entire PlayStation 4 software stack to run on your PC. Join this server for discussions in the topic of emulation and following the progress of this project.
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The world's first free and open-source cross-platform PlayStation 3 emulator, written in C++.
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NostalgiaEQ is a Community focused on Classic Everquest. Some like Vanilla, others Kunark or Velious - but we all are working together on Everquest servers, databases, clients, or tools based on EQEmulator (EQEmu).
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Open source software produced by The Away Foundation, including web libraries AwayJS and AwayFL. AwayJS is a general purpose graphics engine for web browers, leveraging Typescript and WebGL. AwayFL is a emulator libraries for the Adobe Flash Player, allowing in-browser playback of legacy .swf files without plugins.
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Are you a fan of emulation , homebrew or roms? EmulationNova Is the place to be! we are a chill emulation community which has a lot to offer. feel free to join and have a look around , anyone is welcome!
Сервер, посвящённый двухэкранным портативным консолям от Нинтендо. Здесь можно общаться в текстовых и голосовых чатах, играть вместе в онлайне, писать обзоры на игры для вышеназванных консолей, слушать музыку, просматривать и публиковать мемы. А также вы найдёте гайд по прошивке консоли и созданию кастомных тем. Наслаждайтесь!