we are a friendly, safe environment for anyone to have fun in!
Best server requires best members. Also sieg Candy. We have all sorts of bots, like music and pokemon. There is friendly staff present and keep the server safe from spammers/rulebreakers.
This server is for Great Star Fans! By the one and only great star.
Let's get to it big boys.
A Minecraft-based server (Bedrock edition) where we have fun times playing with the community. We have the following things: -A Pokécord-related server -Ratings channel for people to rate your buildings -Kind and helpful admins [We will open again staff applications when we hit 30 members!] -Custom Colour roles! If you wish to contribute in our small server, you are helping alot! https://discord.me/bearlands
Rockstar Roleplay Group Is A Roleplay Community For GTA V PS4, Our Group Is Based To Bring High Quality Roleplay To Our Members. Our Community Is A Cops N Robbers Community With Many Roles To Chose From. Join Today And Start Enjoying Roleplays.
server for voice chatting and making friends
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