Beliefs | Entertainment
Let's get to it big boys.
Beliefs | Community
A friendly server made to help teach Christian's about the Bible, how to debate, and about worldviews. Currently a smaller community but it is growing to spread the love of God to everyone. We do not accept advertising or joining just to partner. We are a community, not a public ad space.
Science | Political
a place that accepts anyone and wont Kick you. Free Speech is valued and having different opinions is encouraged.
Anime | Social
Welcome to The Simpulation where only true Kings (or Queens) are allowed. If you think you're worthy enough for this little world, hop in and enjoy. This is a nice slice of life, chill server where you can talk about your interests, hobbies etc. and just hang out virtually with like-minded people.
Beliefs | Science
Come debate with other users on different topics!
Community | Gaming
Hey Everyone! Seeing as most of us are stuck inside with nothing to do I've decided to make a server for anyone to come chill on : ) . We are a SFW server with some discussions that only people 18+ can join in on. We have people from all around the world and who have all sorts of different hobbies so I'm sure any of you can fit in just fine. I hope you join us because it would be nice to have even more people part of our community while under quarantine <3
Political | Beliefs
A debating server where all sides of the political spectrum is welcomed to discuss and debate. Enjoy your stay!
Political | Community
Hello! This is Cadjo's Debate Server and we are a server centred around fun and fair debates. We have multiple debate channels, some general, some specialized, and are always looking for people to fill them. With over 100 political roles, we are almost guaranteed to have one that suits your ideology perfectly, and if we don't, feel free to suggest it in our Suggestions channel! If there is an important world event that you feel people should know about, come share it in our World News channel, or if you even if you just want to hang out and chat, come talk in General or share memes in our meme channel. We also feature Daily Topics to spark fun and interesting debates between users. A multitude of these topics are suggested by users in our Daily Topic Suggestions channel. If you think this sounds like fun, come and join us over at Cadjo's Debate Server!