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An RPG-server inspired by Persona, Pokemon, and Dragon Quest combat systems. Enter the world of the Supernaturals and save the world together!
Social | Gaming | Anime
Our goal is to bring people, From all over the world to one magnificient place! You could have fun! and play with other members with similar interest as YOU, and most importantly make friends. We do everything to make you feel home. VIP:star: Memes:meme: Selfies:Nani: Food:banana: NSFW:69: Anime:reeeeee: Manga:book: Music:PartyBlob: Giveaways Coming Soon!! Express your feelings! BE YOURSELF! and many more features that you will not want to miss! Welcome to this family of friends that will support you and have fun together.
Gaming | Social
Gaming | Community
Wir sind eine öffentliche Multigaming Community, welche für alle Spieler offen und ohne Bewerbung frei zugänglich ist. Wir sehen uns!
Gaming | Meme
This is the official GameHub discord server! Join in and hang around, find mates to play and get the full gaming experience. We are free for all! See yah ingame! - Since the server is still very young, we have a feedback channel for your suggestions. We will take a look at all your feedback. - We are a gaming community, a place to have fun with your friends or alone. For sure you can meet new friends here, join and try it yourself! - We have many cool features for you! You can take your stats from very different games into your discord profile, so everyone knows how good you are! - There is also a music bot, a leveling system, a translator for our multinational community and much more! Join and check it out. We are grateful for your support!