Communauté Francophone active possédant un clan Destiny 2. Rejoignez nous !
Ein sehr gut organisierter Discord Server mit netten leuten
Wir sind eine öffentliche Multigaming Community, welche für alle Spieler offen und ohne Bewerbung frei zugänglich ist. Wir sehen uns!
Deze server is gemaakt voor gezeligheid maar ook om verder te groeien in de Esport community. Join gezellig de server en laat jezelf horen.
Community with betting tips, news, discussions and monthly competitions where you can win real money. Main focus on CSGO but betting tips on LOL and other esports are provided as well.
This is a discord chat where u can stream and play with friends in privet chat just ask admin for the role by typing !admin or !moderator. the discord has around 100 people on it would like if it could get up too 500+ mabye ty for checking in and enjoy <3
Dies ist der Community server des deutschsprachigen YouTuber's "Golden Gamer"!
🔴Multi-gaming 🔴NSFW 🔴Multi-nationalités (France, England, China...) 👉 Langue principale : FR 🔴Cherche des membres respectueux et majeurs
Discordserver der Multi-Gaming Community Destiny Elite.
La Gravity est une Team E-Sport qui veux percer en s'amusant !!!
German eSports Organisation founded 2017 in Germany. We are presenting professional teams on PC and PS4!
Oxygen esport
Gaming tournament community
Everything in & around gaming...
Deutscher Fortnite clan
Serveur gaming tous jeux confondu avec communauté belge et française
On recrute des joueurs
Serveur discord du streamer NetLanTV. - Retrouvable sur : Serveur discord de l'équipe e-Sport Aspic - Team Fortnite - Team CS:GO Serveur en développement RECRUTEMENT ON
Free server for gaming
Epic Saber League is the e-sport competetive league for the good old videogame called Jedi Academy. Welcome to everyone and be ready to fight for your glory!
Discord Közösség minden nemű, rangú magyar játékosnak, kortól és játéktól függetlenül. Hirdetési, játékostárs keresési lehetőség és sok minden más!
This discord is for people who is looking for a fun place to chill, make friends, and play tons of games. We also have a NSFW:underage: for people who likes the little extra. It would be an honor to have you in our server. Love, Nordic Supreme.
FR : Ici, c'est le serveur de la communauté ZCore qui est une équipe eSport de Rainbow Six Siége crée par F4Mas ET Oihan Ps : Le serveur est ouvert a toute les personnes, même celle qui ne font pas partie de nôtre équipe :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EN : Here, is the ZCore community server which is a Rainbow Six Siege team, created by F4Mas AND Oihan Ps: The server is open to all people, even those who are not part of our team :)
Serveur de compétition Esport avec support le jeu clash of clans
Le plus gros événement esport du sud de la France est de retour pour une troisième édition en 2020
|♧| ماين كرافت العرب |♧| The Arab MineCraft|♧| القوانين:| 1-ممنوع الشتم 2-ممنوع نشر الصفحات 3-لا عنصريه 4-ممنوع النصب 5-استمتع :# -----------------------
Dein neuer Lieblings-Gaming Server mit aktiven Admin´s / Supporter´n /co. Dieser Discordserver ist noch im Aufbau, deswegen ist Kritik auch erwünscht !!! Admins / Support / Moderatoren werden GESUCHT Schwerpunkte : RPG; Tacticshooter (Realistic); usw. Dieser Server ist ein Clanserver und wir würden uns freuen neue Clanmitglieder aufzunehmen!! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, euer Serverteam
Sunset Strike official Discord server. (Not the one with doser)
chill and positive apex gamin
ANTIQUE E-Sport, adalah basecamp untuk PUBG Mobile Player Indonesia untuk berbagi, berdiskusi, mabar (maksiat bareng).
A gaming server building up to be a fantastic community for OCE/ASIA regions. The community loves being apart of huge gaming events such as Uni clubs, PAX or hosting IRL Meetup events across Melbourne and Sydney.
The Dynamiq discord server is a small community of gamers with simular interests. Dynamiq has a very friendly community where you can meet new people and make new friends , the server has friendly admin who are very willing to help out with any of your problems you might run into.
Auto Chess Legends is a strategy mixed with chess game that emphasises fast and fluid gameplay. How you play your pieces matters far more than how fast you can tap! FEATURES • Real-time fast-paced mini-tournament battles against players from across the world • Fight across an 8x8 field mimicking a chessboard using familiar heroes as your game pieces • Combine pieces for different synergies and tactics with 56+ legendary heroes • Less twitch-heavy gameplay, more strategy and nuance: Pieces fight automatically, but where you place them and who you place determines victory. • Unlock and collect new, powerful Kings, each with a signature attack and SUPER ability • Epic updates & Events every week. Auto Chess Legends is always expanding • Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings • Auto Chess Legends is easy to learn, fast to play, difficult to master
Nous sommes une organisation de tournois et nous évoluons sur le jeu "Tom Clancy's : Rainbow Six Siège" sur PC.
Lasst uns gemeinsam zocken, labern und sonst was. Der Server ist für alle offen. Kommt und spielt.