Role-Playing | Anime
🌟 Welcome to ΛZЦЯΣ! 🌟 We are a growing RP server and we are looking for other roleplayers to have fun! We offer: - 🏘️ A large community that loves roleplay - 🌐 A lore-free system where all universes and fandoms can be used - :o️: A loose, easy character approval system - ✴️ A kind, helpful staff team that is open to suggestions - 🔭 A lot of Roleplay channels to explore (we even recently added some new regions to our world) - 💽 Some fun bots (Pokécord, Dank Memer, Notsobot..) so that you can play even when you're alone 🌟 We can't wait to see you here! The staff team at ΛZЦЯΣ hope we see you soon! 🌟
Role-Playing | Community
Helpful staff present to aid in character creation or other issues. Potential for a wide variety of events for anyone to partake in. Freedom to create your character as you see fit. Freedom to take your character’s story in almost any direction. Variety of differently skilled writers so anyone
Writing | Role-Playing
Afterthoughts; a friendly, open server based around writing, creativity and community. We are mainly a server about expressing imagination through writing, but we also fully support a community and roleplay. We offer self roles, community channels (general, memes, media), channels to express writing and personal stories, and a vast selection of roleplay channels. We also freely accept member suggestions to help the server improve as an environment for writers and roleplayers alike. Feel welcome to join us! If you have any inquiries before joining, please DM stax#6041.
Role-Playing | Anime
A Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Roleplay Server. Serious-RP, with factions.
Role-Playing | Writing
A freshly made server looking for people to help build it. You can submit Oc’s, Races, affiliations, fauna, and flora. You can also make suggestions. Right now I’m working on making Lore. As long as you strive to make balanced things almost everything will be accepted. An accepting friendly place!
Dusk Before Dawn is an urban-fantasy roleplay oriented server based in the late 1960s in Chicago Illinois.
Role-Playing | Community
It’s been 150 years since the Dragonfall, and the cyberpunk city-state of Gate 10 remains of the few bastions of humanity on the planet. The three factions of Skyfall, Seiryuu, and Radiant Eyes work in tandem to uphold the fine balance of power within the Gate, all while people go about their daily lives, experiencing all that the highly advanced city-state has to offer. Whether they be augmented through the use of cybernetics or carry the Genesis Mutation, every individual has the ability to carve a name for themselves within this bustling society, or become another cog in the machine all the same…