The Ultiverse, a system of fifty Earths, each unique in its geological and societal forms. The year is 2470, a future advanced in technology and advancements to better connect the societies of the different Earths together. Societies of any type of person, and you can be any of them. What We Have To Offer: > :crossed_swords: Forge your character of any story, the only limit is your imagination. > :briefcase: Choose any life, any job. Open a business, become a bounty hunter, whatever path you want to take you can. > :book: Invest in a deep lore which makes up the core elements of reality with a fantastic twist. > :map: Explore, travel to, or even set up a business in any world, modern, past, future, fantasy, horror, paradise or dangerous. > :flag_jp: Join a community of people of all kind and make friends along the way both in roleplay and out. > :handshake: Make partners for your server by simply contacting the owner.
Come join the small, knit, fantastical role-play group! No heavy rulings on what is and is not allowed in rp, and we offer adaptive and improvised story plots with events and such as things move forward! in conclusion: You make the story of Our worlds!
Freeform Marvel RPG with with a focus on mutants and predominantly street-level powers, open to both canon and OCs. Very LGBTQ+ and POC friendly! Check out our wiki:
Of Being Human is a modern-supernatural rp based on small urban city-towns in the USA. There are no limits to the types of beings that can be played. Rating: 13+ Language: English Playstyle: short-paragraph and up Combat style: consent-based free-form
🌟 Welcome to ΛZЦЯΣ! 🌟 We are a growing RP server and we are looking for other roleplayers to have fun! We offer: - 🏘️ A large community that loves roleplay - 🌐 A lore-free system where all universes and fandoms can be used - :o️: A loose, easy character approval system - ✴️ A kind, helpful staff team that is open to suggestions - 🔭 A lot of Roleplay channels to explore (we even recently added some new regions to our world) - 💽 Some fun bots (Pokécord, Dank Memer, Notsobot..) so that you can play even when you're alone 🌟 We can't wait to see you here! The staff team at ΛZЦЯΣ hope we see you soon! 🌟
✔ Freeform AND System Specific Group Games ✔ Judgement free NSFW Zone. ✔Relaxing game zone. ✔Short and Long term gaming areas. ✔Open staff positions - including Admins!