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Financial | Crypto | Investing
Join a stock market options trading stock trading discord server with over 26,000 like minded individuals. We are discussing the next market move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get trade signals around the clock!
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ZTRADEZ Options Trading Discord Server Banner
ZTRADEZ Options Trading Icon
Financial | Crypto | Investing
Join a stock market options trading stock trading discord server with over 26,000 like minded individuals. We are discussing the next market move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get trade signals around the clock!
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Role-Playing | Entertainment
Project Horizon is roleplaying server centered around Earth and its inhabitants being attacked by creatures called Glarians. Glarians are alien creatures who have wiped out planets, and have Earth in their sights. However, there is one thing they hate the most. The Horizon. A musical force that powers change, evolution, and good as a concept. The bane of all evil. Humans fight off the Glarians using specialized 'Horizon Units', power armor units operated by the genetically modified super soldiers created and modified to use them, and the 'conductors' that they are paired with. The GSF "Glarian Suppression Force" is at the forefront of Anti-Glarian Technology, a military company that protects the world with the music they are gifted with. Project Horizon is heavily inspired off of Takt OP. Destiny, The Destiny franchise by Bungie, and Warhammer 40k. In this wonderful world of music, you may fight as an operator, be a conductor, learn as a student, or live a normal life as a civilian.
Lancer Icon
Tabletop | Role-Playing
You are Pilots, forced to depart your previous lives and join a small mercenary company, The Blackstar Company. You have been trained, equipped and are now bunked in the Blackstar's lone ship, the Rozinante, awaiting your first mission. But you are different from the other rookies and recruits brought into the Company; as a Pilot, you are already an elite even as a fresh face, your training geared towards being deployed only on the most dangerous, vital and therefore rewarding operations. Time will tell if you are worthy.
Anime | Gaming
Come have fun and chat in a chill enviroment. Lots of discussion about gaming, movies, anime, giant robots and whatever else.
Daemon X Machina Icon
Gaming | Community
This is a fan-made Discord server for the game Daemon X Machina! Come join us, Outers, as we fight back the raging tide of Immortals threatening our existence.
The Gundam Discord Icon
Anime | Hobbies
The official discord server of the Gundam Wiki Created in 2018 for fans of Gundam, gunpla, and for those who just want a chill community of people from around the world to chat with! We have free to enter gunpla build events with kit prizes, for those who are interested in growing their skill with other builders. We also have more frequent mini events for more casual builders. Members can pick from several faction roles spanning from Zeon all the way to Tekkadan. This is a great server for anyone who is just interested in chatting as well! TLDR: -Official Gundam Wiki server with affiliate channels -Free to enter group build events with kit prizes -Knowledgeable members in both gundam lore and gunpla to answer any questions -Info on where to buy gunpla and channels to show off your collection -Several faction roles with rank-up opportunities -Various Gundam-themed emotes
The Mech Factory Icon
Furry | Community
Mech Factory is a Mech themed non-toxic and SFW furry community that is aimed to evolve alongside its members! Sounds good? Check us out!
Mecha RP - The Aumaan Code Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
It is a land of verdant fields, giant beetles, and soaring dragons... yet it is also a land of corporate kingdoms, cratered warfields, and most importantly... GIANT ROBOTS! Welcome to The Aumaan Code, an RP server that blends casual character-based storytelling with easy-to-understand wargames. You take the role of a mercenary pilot in the chaotic early space age. Take jobs from corpo executives, unravel cultic mysteries, and lead humanity in a war against space itself! Our players are encouraged to take up a strong leading role in our story, with everyone having an equal opportunity to build a top-tier mech of YOUR CREATION! Use a wide set of engines and parts to create the most optimal (or impractically awesome) build you can come up with! Anything goes on this wild frontier!
IBO: Resurrection Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
A Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Roleplay Server. Serious-RP, with factions.
M.O.B.R.A.I.L Icon
Role-Playing | Military
You like Armored Core? Titanfall? Fighting in mechas paid by megacorporations ruling the system? Then you may consider this server. M.O.B.R.A.I.L is a literate roleplay server based in an original sci-fi setting with a focus on a fleet setting out from the Sol system towards Alpha Centauri, armed with mecha called Venators designed to fight any threat they encountered.
Zoids: Next Century RPG Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA OF ZOID BATTLES. To coincide with Zoids’ 40th year anniversary, we’ve launched Zoids - Next Century. Next Century is a semi-literate play-by-post/play-by-chat rpg hosted on Discord, featuring giant animal robots that rule the battlefield! Zoids: Next Century is set about four years after the end of the Zoids: New Century/Zero anime. A few things have happened since then to make the presence of the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire more felt throughout Planet Zi. The Backdraft Group has returned in force, and the ZBC is still trying to crack down on rogue Zoid battles. It’s the same Planet Zi you love, but with a fresh coat of paint, and some new faces. Inspired by the footage shown of the various Zoid battles that took place in the last Royal Cup Tournament, a new generation of Zoid Warriors around the world have emerged, ready to give it their all for fame and glory. Join us, and become one of the Zoid Battle Legends.