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Guild Wars 2 Whiteside Ridge World vs. World Community Discord
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We're an LGBTQIA+ gaming community open to all gender and sexualities across the world. We believe in a no drama, stress-free environment to play games together such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and many others. Each game is separated out into roles so you don't get overwhelmed with channels so you can participate where you want and not where you don't.
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Home to the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community, Magazine, Livestreams, and Athletics. We are a community that was formed in 2001 to allow like minded gamers a place to share epic adventures with. Since then we have grown to include 5 chapters (250+ players), dozens of adventures (<250 players), a digital gaming magazine, daily livestreams, an annual charity event and a 9-time champion competitive Flag-Football Team in the Pacific North West. Learn more about our community at:
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Community Discord for Far Shiverpeaks in EU