Social | LGBT
Grindr is a gay french-speaking discord where everyone lives in peace and harmony. We love LGBT+ boys and girls (but we prefer boys because grindr is for gays)
Gaming | Streaming
This is a server for Gaming and Streaming! Anyone is Welcome to stay and chat and play games or just hang out!
Technology | Crypto
EARN FREE PAYPAL WITH INVITES !: Invite people to the server and earn free paypal money! 5 invites= 10$ paypal money! 10 invites= 15$ paypal money! 100 invites= 1000$ paypal money! every 5 invites adds 2$!
Social | Gaming
Pls, Join! The Warm Server for gaming! pls join pls pls pls pleeease ok thankyou
Anime | Social
Main Server:
Community | Anime
basically we are a friends discord group here to allow u to make new friends and never be judged.
The official discord server for NeoStorm minecraft server, socialize and play on our wide selection of minigames!