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Welcome to the Trial Games! This hybrid of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games is the perfect solution to any fans of those franchises! This is an RP server with tons of areas and roles. I am currently looking for staff to help set up the server as well as players to test it. You can be anyone - from a teen Contestant to an adult Apex staff (Sci-Devs, Maze Operators, etc). There are other options as well- be a citizen in the chaotic world, or be a Peacekeeper or Arena Manager. The choice is yours. Good luck. Features: Tons of channels, one or two for each area. Many roles, from Contestant jobs to Apex jobs. Flexible OC creation Other Information I am currently looking for people to test this server. Additionally, I am looking for administrators and moderators to help expand and maintain the server, as I cannot do everything on my own. I hope to see you join!
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A roblox group based off of The Hunger Games trilogy where players are able to partake in the games and events leading up to it.