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among us
Gaming | Meme
You can chill, play with others and mainly just have fun
Gaming | eSports
A Discord channel for Among Us. The plan is to have game nights with special themes like fruits, movie characters, food etc. Just for fun to create something unique ;)
Emoji | Gaming
A server for those who love Among Us emotes you can use these on other servers if you have nitro. This server is purely only for emotes there is no chatting channels.
Gaming | Community
AMONG US... fan made! This server consists of relaxed, somewhat mature sometimes and hilarious members! Now let's say if you joined, you could be a part of this unique family! :) Pss, what are you waiting for? Come join your new favourite place!
Gaming | Community
Play Among Us with voice chat. Create your OWN CHANNELS and set the rules with "Disconnect user" privileges.
Gaming | Entertainment | Community
- Among Us Dedicated Server - Chill Vibes and Amazing Moderators - Premium Dank Memer Server - Robbing and Heists ALLOWED - Ranks and Leveling
Gaming | Meme
Welcome to Crewmate ship! Our server is peaceful and nice. We have alot of benfits that you can experience! We also play among us and other games! 🤖We had alot of bots! Like Dank Memer, Yui, Mudae and Tacoshack! Our server is hiring staff! Daily Giveways. And more!
Gaming | Entertainment
The server is for Arabs to join in and play among us together and have fun!
Gaming | Entertainment
Hey guys! This server is a fun friendly environment and wed love to have you! We try to be as active as we can and make everything fun for you!
Gaming | Community
Among Us Village is a Among Us server where all kinds of Among Us players can play with each other.
Gaming | Community
#1 Among Us Community Discord! Very good mods and welcoming community! Giveaways and Invite Rewards!
Programming | Gaming
Among Others is a Among Us fan game witch the player has to complete the given objectives (Made in MIT's Scratch)
eSports | Entertainment
a friendly and non toxic among us LFG server. we accept trans, nonbinary, and any other gender non-conforming people too
eSports | Emoji
This is a brand new, shiny community for Among Us! Make friends, play, chat and have fun around here!