A horror far from the imaginations of the residents of this town would soon come into fruition, words will try to avert the eyes away from the truth and many will follow... but will you? Will you avert a crisis from befalling your friends, family, and acquaintances in such a hopeless situation?
This is a roleplay game based in the 1930's, A murder mystery type game. You were invited to a birthday party from one of your close friends, Anne Pearson, in their mansion. While you're there Anne goes missing and you and a group of party goers find the body. The house has a big gate which is the only entrance, unfortunately it's locked and can't be scaled. You only have access to around and outside of the house. Even though you don't know who anyone is you desperately want to keep them safe. While you are there you have to find out who the killer is and apprehend them before you or more of the guests get killed. We're LGBT+ Friendly and accept everyone!
A Loosely Danganronpa (Killing Game) based OC Roleplaying server!
Gmod Danganronpa mastermind. -Different abilities for each character -maps from the 3 games. -updates with fresh new changes/stuff -great people to play with