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Attention Kings and Queens. Looking for a neato server? That's kinda pog because I'm pretty sure I can help with that. We're a smallish server with well over 200 active members, but within those members are some pretty kickass people. We do a couple other things in TSP too, it's not just Smash, we have Animal Crossing and Dungeons & Dragons channels with self assignable roles if you'd like to participate in those as well! Maybe Mario Kart is more your style though, Halo perhaps? Well we've got it all and we'd love to meet you! What else do we offer? - A friendly and active community - The dumbest memes you've ever seen - A constantly growing and improving server - Dumbass custom emojis - An art channel - Fun stupid staff members (we're hiring) - Self assignable roles dependant on your Smash Ultimate main. Also an exclusive role for you if you think you're the best Smasher in the server. See ya there.
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This is a half competitive half amiibo server. We usually just chill and train our amiibos together without using that bullcrap sending on a journey. Its all fun and games until someone challenges the elite 4. Whats the elite 4. Join the discord to find out
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Come join other gamers and discuss all thing gaming, comics, culture and more!
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A Smash Bros server where we do online tournaments every 2-4 weeks! We give our winners a chance to make their own role and in the end, everyone has fun. We have nice bots and provide fair rules and rematches. Outside of the tournaments, we have friendly people who enjoy playing the game, and just overall talking to others! I hope you'll join us and participate in our tournaments. We also take suggestions from our members and treat others equally. Have fun!
This Discord server is meant for Item enthusiasts of all Smash titles in the Super Smash Bros series, including some of their mods. Items are generally considered to be part of the casual side of Smash. This is true. However, since specific Items can be turn on or off, they offer a lot of variety and space for new Item-based tricks, skills, combo's etc. to the game We've got this server to look for other Item players to have fun playing with Items on. You can either play with Items purely for casual purposes, or specialize in Items and try to compete with other players to have some exciting Item matches going on, usually while turning on only a fair amount of Items. If you want to specialize in Items, you can train here with other players willing to do the same We do this mainly for fun. We also host Item tourneys to utilize Item tricks in competition. You can talk discuss about items too in this server. If you want Item advice, you are on the right place
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Bonjour! Tu joue a smash et tu cherche une commu près de chez toi et tu vie en Saône-et-Loire? Ce discord est fais pour toi! Organisation de tournoi locaux, Aide et astuce Des gens avec qui jouer online etc... Le discord de Saône-et-Loire est fier de t'avoir dans nos rang.
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The SSBUC is the world's best Smash Bros friendlies community. If you don't believe it, let us prove it to you! We offer a welcoming and tightly-knit community, a diverse playerbase to challenge your skills, emojis that would make Sakurai proud, tournaments with prizes, and much more. Be sure to drop on by, we'll see you there!
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❤️ Friendly ▫️Active ▫️Daily arenas ▫️Unique SmU5h discord bot (tailored to our community) ▫️Free bi-weekly online tournaments!! (Gift cards, and nitro boosts for our monthly events with prizes!) Improve your Smash skills today! Everyone is welcome! Anyone can learn. Anyone can play.
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We talk about Byleth, combos, smash bros, dlc, fighters pass, leaks, dlc, and more!
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A place for all Smash Bros. fans alike! Biweekly tournaments, friendly members, and an expanding list of custom emotes to use! All skill levels are welcome here!
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The Koi Pond is a Discord server that's specifically designated towards an online Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate online tournament series! We held our first tournament on 3/17/2020, and had 11 participants! We hope to have more in the coming future. Our next tournament occurs on 3/20/2020 and 5:30 PM EST. All of our tournaments are free, and our community, while small, is super friendly and have players of all skill levels and ages! The score reporting process is seamless, and the players are active. We're still adding more to the server every day, and we hope to have at least 20 people registered in the tournament coming up! We also offer: 1. Ultimate character tutoring! 2. A wide network of players always willing to play friendlies! 3. Custom commands used to report scores/call matches! 4. An experienced TO who's always there to answer questions!
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Here you can play and train with members of the community. We offer free coaching for our members and we are always looking for more coaches to help out. We have daily practice sessions, blog posts, streamers, coaches, and more! Join to take your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game to the next level!
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Got nowhere to compete or play smash because of Coronavirus? Look no further because SnR is the best place for you! What we offer: -7500+ members -The largest smash community server on discord! -An active community welcoming to all! -24/7 Global Matchmaking -The biggest tournament smash server on discord! -Animal Crossing Events -Free to enter online tournaments with cash prizes every week! -An academy dedicated to improving your smash skills! -Tutors for Smash Ultimate and schoolwork! Come join SnR today!