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Bonjour! Tu joue a smash et tu cherche une commu près de chez toi et tu vie en Saône-et-Loire? Ce discord est fais pour toi! Organisation de tournoi locaux, Aide et astuce Des gens avec qui jouer online etc... Le discord de Saône-et-Loire est fier de t'avoir dans nos rang.
Mature | Gaming
Mythic Universe is a mature community focused on party games and competitive online tournaments!
Gaming | Entertainment
We talk about Byleth, combos, smash bros, dlc, fighters pass, leaks, dlc, and more!
YouTuber | Gaming | Streaming
This server is a Discord Server to have a remembrance of Etika, together. For fans of Etika, to remember the good times over the bad. We hold events such as watching Etika's videos over, VC events, and more. We also help with depression and crisis awarenesses. Vent it all out, we'll do our best to help. Join now, or yous a bitch nigga. Rest easy, Desmond. Joy-Con boyz forever.🖤
Gaming | Community
Come join the Knights of Smash! We are an active and social community that love to play some smash! We host weekly tournaments with prize money and we also don't mind teaching some newcomers! Come join to improve your skill or just have a place to come to after a long day to chill!