eSports | Entertainment
Discord hub for all Elliana players!
eSports | Entertainment
Discord hub for all Kragg players!
eSports | Community
TAXI is a Discord server as a resource for players attending major Rivals of Aether events featuring roles and channels to be granted access to players attending certain events, for the purposes of coordinating travel and event discussion
Gaming | eSports
A Rivals of Aether character discord focused on tech, gfycats, and learning. Also frogs 🐸
eSports | Gaming
A regional Rivals of Aether discord for North Carolina.
Gaming | Entertainment
This server is the main hub for Dan Ideas fans. This is the place to go for any Dan Ideas-related content, Dan Ideas matchmaking, and if we ever get around to having them again, Dan Ideas Tournaments. This is also where I, the creator of Dan Ideas, will be sharing any information about upcoming plans or whatever it is about this modpack that will be coming out in the future or right now. In other words, get ready to be plugged.
Gaming | eSports
A discord channel for clips, discussion, and advice on the character Zetterburn from Rivals of Aether
Gaming | Social
Discord server for Rivals of Aether in the state of Florida
Mature | Gaming
Mythic Universe is a mature community focused on party games and competitive online tournaments!