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Made for the sake of fun, Bus Stop Gus is a fun place for smash matchmaking and chat! We have a leveling system with rewards and perms at certain milestones which every member partakes in.
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Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Smash Ultimate, Deutsch, Super Smash Bros, German Smash Ultimate, Smash German, Smash Deutsch, SSBU, Nintendo Switch Smash
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Discord officiel de Puissance Nintendo, site d'actualité consacré aux consoles Nintendo et aux jeux vidéo Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Wii U et plus !
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eSports | Gaming
hi, if you like smash and you want to chill out and play smash and other games then please join this server we play heaps of different games and we will be promoting and hosting tournaments and we would love YOU to play with us and join in on the gaming fun
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This is the official Sweeneez discord server! This is a server for smash, here you can matchmake with other players, talk, and post memes!
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Welcome to my Super Smash Bros Ultimate server called Smash Café I hope you join and if you do enjoy your stay!
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This Discord server is meant for Item enthusiasts of all Smash titles in the Super Smash Bros series, including some of their mods. Items are generally considered to be part of the casual side of Smash. This is true. However, since specific Items can be turn on or off, they offer a lot of variety and space for new Item-based tricks, skills, combo's etc. to the game We've got this server to look for other Item players to have fun playing with Items on. You can either play with Items purely for casual purposes, or specialize in Items and try to compete with other players to have some exciting Item matches going on, usually while turning on only a fair amount of Items. If you want to specialize in Items, you can train here with other players willing to do the same We do this mainly for fun. We also host Item tourneys to utilize Item tricks in competition. You can talk discuss about items too in this server. If you want Item advice, you are on the right place
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Gaming | Community
Chestermere Smash is a server for Super Smash Bros players to come and talk, as well as find info about upcoming events and tournaments!
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A fun place with fun people talking about fun games.
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Gaming | eSports
Hey! We’re a pretty new Super Smash Bros Ultimate server for players of all different skill levels. Whether you’re a smash pro or just starting out, we’d love yo have you join our server. This is a pretty chill server and a great place to meet new friends and play together! We’re hosting our very first tournament very soon and should be hosting more regular tourneys as we gain more members. Please note this server is a 16+ community, so please be mindful of that when joining :)
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Welcome to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Elites server! This server is small chill place to make friends and gain experience playing with other adept players. If you're new to the game, that's perfectly fine too, so long as you're willing to learn. All are welcomed! -Start Super! -Stay Ultimate! -Stand Elite!
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Anime | Gaming
a sever that is focused on gaming/anime things and things in the middle.
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Anime | Community
☕ Welcome to Aromane! ☕ ◎ ─━──━─❖─━──━─ ◎ This is a cafe themed server where it's main focus is all of your weeb-like needs for anime and or manga! We are a community that focuses on generally having a good time with one another while we all talk about our interests and anything else that could possibly come to our wild minds over a cup of coffee! *╔═══════❖•ೋ° °ೋ•❖═══════╗* Our goal here at Aromane is to have a safe space for people to chat while also taking suggestions to better our server for the people! After all, the customer is always right! If you're not as interested in our anime topic, we also like to focus on video games that we enjoy and play together, including future plans to have tournaments hosted for members of the server! With our small amounts of members, we would definitely appreciate newcomers to chat with and see the server grow! So come on! Order a cup or two as you enjoy your stay here at Aromane! 💕
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Gaming | Entertainment
This server has been on ever since the launch of super smash bros ultimate. -We grew up to be a very family based community! -We have amazing members whom we ended up meeting in real life after meeting in this server. - tournament players from streams Over thousands of people - We hold tournaments and events every week! Can win money, Eshop cards, nitro - various other games such as animal crossing, minecraft, Mario kart. - you enjoy karaoke? You enjoy movie nights? We have those too :) Most importantly, we are always present for our members.
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Gaming | Community
A New Beginning is exactly what the name says it is a new beginning for the Smash Community. We strive to protect every member with our current admins and will accept more as we grow larger. Any switch game is available to be played in the server smash is just the primary. The smash community’s old generation failed us and it’s up to us to build a new.
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Gaming | Anime
A cool place to play Smash and other games!
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Gaming | YouTuber
This is a discord for video games and my Youtube! We do not tolerate any rudeness or toxicity. Come on ahead and join the server.
See you there ;)
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Gaming | Community
Coma and join cozy Smash Ultimate server with a friendly and caring community that is laid back, yet still competitive. Join us for various events and friendlies. And, on occasion, other games too.
Gaming | Art
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Community | Gaming
We're Heroes of Dragon Quest, a hybrid official smashcord and largest Dragon Quest server on discord. Come swing by for Hero in smash or JRPG talk
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Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discord! This server includes an active community ready to discuss and play, news channels dedicated to keeping you updated with everything you may need to know about the game, art channels including every single character's renders and stock icons, and more! We have staff available around the clock, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out to them! Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy your stay!
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Gaming | Community
Hey there! Welcome to The Smash Plaza's page! TSP is a Smash Ultimate themed, quickly growing and expanding community with well over 1,000 active members. We do a couple other things in TSP too, it's not just Smash, we have giveaways, stupid memes, a very active general, a music channel, an art channel, and more! What do we offer? - High stakes weekly or biweekly Smash Ultimate tournaments - A friendly and very active community - Many opportunities for members to get involved in the community such as TSP partnership - A constantly growing and improving server - Unique roles - A proprietary point system - The dumbest memes you've ever seen - Creative custom emojis - An art channel - Fun stupid staff members (we're hiring) - And so much more See ya there. Check out our website: https://thesmashplaza.com
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YouTuber | Gaming
We offer: ☕ - A variety of channels to fit many interests 💥 - Active Smash Ultimate Matchmaking 👑 - Leveling roles W/ rewards 🚀 - Fun bot games for everyone 💬 - A fun & friendly community
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YouTuber | Gaming
Official Discord server of SSBU YouTuber Shadekyu (シャデキュ). Be sure to read the rules when you join, a bot will make sure to tell you. Subscribe to Shadekyu on YouTube. He pings everyone when a new video of his comes out.
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SINGLES TOURNAMENTS EVERY SATURDAY AT 12:00 PM PST ❤️ We just remodeled the server! We're a welcoming and active community! 💙 Active matchmaking for CASUAL, COMPETITIVE, and FRIENDLIES! 💚 Weekly tournaments with a PR system! 🧡 Fun emotes! 💜 Laid back moderation! 💛 Come join and have fun with us! 💛