Welcome to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discord! This server includes an active community ready to discuss and play, news channels dedicated to keeping you updated with everything you may need to know about the game, art channels including every single character's renders and stock icons, and more! We have staff available around the clock, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out to them! Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Elites server! This server is small chill place to make friends and gain experience playing with other adept players. If you're new to the game, that's perfectly fine too, so long as you're willing to learn. All are welcomed! -Start Super! -Stay Ultimate! -Stand Elite!
A lenient and chill place to play Nintendo games!
This server is a gaming server, for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox. All gamers are welcome into this server please join today.
A Super Smash Discord for all smash fans no matter which game. - Friendly Staff - Matchmaking - Great Community - Smash News and much more; make sure to join us!
This is the community Discord for the 'Daily Smash Ultimate DLC prediction' satirical Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Daily-Smash-Ultimate-DLC-prediction-284494358937622/ So if you like this page chances are you like smash, and if you're like me you're probably always looking for people to play with, right? So in that case you should join the Daily Smash prediction Discord server! Talk about and suggest the daily predictions, add new people to play against (as well as some occasional offical server arenas), get excited with fellow fans with each new annoucement and just come hang out and chat. Competitive, Casual or just a shitposter, all are welcome, so consider joining us!
Here we just praise God and stuff. Just kidding! In this server you can meet new frinds and we even have a Minecraft server! We also have a Smash part of the community. We also like memes. Yeah if you have memes that'd be really good for us.
A chill, laid back Nintendo Switch server with great moderation, welcoming staff and fun bots/channels. There's also tournaments and giveaways :].
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament in Miami, join to be updated on our events!
A fun place to learn improve and compete in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Are you a passionate and competitive Nintendo Switch Gamer? You have come to the right place. Here you will find awesome tournaments in Pokemon, SNES and much more! Join us now! Website: https://switch-tournaments.com
YAHAHA! We are inviting you to the Zeppy & Friends community server. It's a server where most of us play Nintendo games and have fun, we are like a family but we are always looking for new members to come join and have fun too! We have the following features: Gaming Channels Are you a fan of Animal Crossing? Smash Bros? Splatoon? Mario Maker 2? If you said yes to any of them, then this server is good for you! Movie / Anime events Do you like movies or watching anime? Maybe you like some Jojo? Come here, we are big fans and we always like to share memes or watch together! Roles, colors and more! We have some level progression roles! You can pick a color you will like for your username! You can also earn more from hanging out with us and sharing your interests! Streams! Do you think you have a really good or hard level in Mario Maker? We hold streams showcasing levels people create! We also host an open lobby for Smash Ultimate players so they can show their skills!
This server is a small Nintendo Switch/Minecraft Bedrock community that hosts game events for Smash Brothers Ultimate, Mario Kart, Minecraft and other really cool games. We share memes and are a tight-knit community that really cares about each other. If you'd like to join ConvictCraft, we would love to have you!
Smash, FighterZ, and more!!! Come to New Arcade City, your next destination will be great!!!!!
Welcome to the unofficial Super Smash Bros Ultimate Discord Server. We host tournaments and have general conversations about Smash Ultimate and other games.
ultimate girls is a girls-only server dedicated to super smash bros. ultimate. regardless of your skill level, you are welcomed to join as long as you identify as a girl. we're here to help each other improve and make friends along the way. we hope you enjoy your stay at ultimate girls! ♡꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱
❤️ Friendly ▫️Active ▫️Daily arenas ▫️Unique SmU5h discord bot (tailored to our community) ▫️Free bi-weekly online tournaments!! (Gift cards, and nitro boosts for our monthly events with prizes!) Improve your Smash skills today! Everyone is welcome! Anyone can learn. Anyone can play.
My Smash Bros server with a custom leaderboard bot I coded :)
Wir sind die größte deutschsprachige Nintendo Switch Community auf Discord! DÖF steht für Deutsch-Österreichische-Freundschaft, welche wir fördern und fordern. Unsere sehr aktive Gemeinschaft ist täglich online in sämtlichen Multiplayer Titeln. Weiters gibt es bei uns jede Menge an Gewinnspielen, Events und Turnieren, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Rocket League, Mario Tennis Aces, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Maker 2, etc. Werde auch DU Teil davon !
Super Smash Bros casual-competitive server for the Nintendo Switch
About playing with others in Super Smash Bros, and also a variety of things to do in the server such as post memes, have fun with bots, and also talk about other games too.
This is a smash bros server for those not only wanting to face experienced players, but for those who just want to play casually as well. Tournaments hosted with free entry.
Nintendo Switch discord server for the Switcher.gg website which connects Nintendo Switch Online players with others through its matchmaking system for online multiplayer and local co-op so that they can find friends and start playing together.
Welcome to SeVeR’s CSB Arena! This is a Discord Smash Bros Ultimate server for the Twitch streamer chargeshotbot! Fight and talk to your heart’s content and join my streams!
The Koi Pond is a Discord server that's specifically designated towards an online Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate online tournament series! We held our first tournament on 3/17/2020, and had 11 participants! We hope to have more in the coming future. Our next tournament occurs on 3/20/2020 and 5:30 PM EST. All of our tournaments are free, and our community, while small, is super friendly and have players of all skill levels and ages! The score reporting process is seamless, and the players are active. We're still adding more to the server every day, and we hope to have at least 20 people registered in the tournament coming up! We also offer: 1. Ultimate character tutoring! 2. A wide network of players always willing to play friendlies! 3. Custom commands used to report scores/call matches! 4. An experienced TO who's always there to answer questions!
Here in the Gamers Hangout, you can discuss a multitude of a variety of games from Apex Legends to Rainbow Six Siege. We are always working on adding more games for more community interaction, we even have a streamer/youtuber role for those well known in that community.