Official Community Discord Server for the Tech Support Hotline
Gaming | Community
This is the community Discord for the 'Daily Smash Ultimate DLC prediction' satirical Facebook page: So if you like this page chances are you like smash, and if you're like me you're probably always looking for people to play with, right? So in that case you should join the Daily Smash prediction Discord server! Talk about and suggest the daily predictions, add new people to play against (as well as some occasional offical server arenas), get excited with fellow fans with each new annoucement and just come hang out and chat. Competitive, Casual or just a shitposter, all are welcome, so consider joining us!
Community | Meme
The Church of Llama Houston is a friendly community server that mimicks religion by worshipping a llama.
Community | Entertainment
looking for a serious community which takes itself very seriously? well, too bad because we aren't that! unfunny is a thing that does animated comedy sketches and humor comics as well as animated stand-up specials. we are also a community which basically goofs off every time the opportunity arises (we are very rowdy children). if you are interested in either, you should probably join our discord server because it's cool-
Community | Role-Playing
Chatting, roleplay, satire, multifandom, memes, irony, music, art
Beliefs | Role-Playing
The official server for the religion of Pastryanity! 🍩
Community | Entertainment
Hello nephews, SmartphOWNERS is a satirical discord server related to shitposting and memeing, we are an active community for the most part and are trying to grow. Please consider checking us out as we are one of the few shitposting servers on the platform
Art | Community
Bro is a chill art/community based server. We depend on having loose rules and lots of channels to keep it active and fun. We are pro-lgbt and blm! Every day is pride month for us. We will be hosting occasional events and contests.