Squid Crossing is an all purpose, Nintendo gaming server, a great place to make friends, and a safespace for those who need it! If you’re looking to play Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Pokémon, and other games with, or just need people to talk to, our friendly server is the one to fit all of your needs!
A nice place to come together, laugh and play. while just playing switch games. if you're feeling a bit ambitious join our monthly tournaments.
We play a lot of splatoon 2, if you want to play with experienced players, you can join, even if you are new to splatoon 2 you can play with people on your level, or maybe people above your level that will help you with maybe salmon run.
A server that focuses on Splatoon competitive and casual play for everyone!
OMG! Elite Switch Club?!?? Yep, you found it. The best Nintendo Server Around! We have Rocket League, SSBU, Splatoon 2, and More! Why are you still reading this? Join ESC Today! p.s. We do constant giveaways.
Marina from Splatoon emotes
This server is basically a Splatoon 2 server. You can hangout, make friends, and to be apart of custom splatfest! We have plenty of channels for modes (Turf, ranked, private, etc.) A main chat to hang out, and alot of bots!
Mainly a streaming community but we have a Splatoon chat/role as I stream a lot of Splatoon 2 on Twitch.
A for fun server to chat and play games.
We’re a new Splatoon server looking for new friends to play with, we have custom Splatfests too!
Welcome to Inkopolis United! This is where we will be hosting monthly Splatoon 2 Splatfest events to keep the spirit of the Splatfest alive for as long as possible! We’ll also be hosting weekly game nights each weekend, where we play random Nintendo Switch games together! Talk with members, share memes, pics, and your very own artwork! See you around!
This is a very new server that is tailored to all things Splatoon 2. We have map updates, latest splat news and we support competitive and casual play as well as just a nice place to relax and make some friends! New members are very welcome ^~^
(Hey I have a cool server for you to join, it's a cool server owned by a user name Veemo, here is some info about the server, --New upcoming updates --New emotes coming soon... --No NFSW --Will have gaming groups soon --He will have our own splatoon clan --And we have a promo so you can promo your own stuff! So why not join yourself
Hello everyone, TEATIME GAMERS are looking for new members to play video games together. We are a close knit adult only server, playing games casually in a friendly and cooperative environment. If you are looking for friends to play video games with like Fortnite, Pokemon, Smash, Splatoon, Rocket League, and many others and you are 21+ years old, this might be just the place for you :) If you're interested in joining our server: Please send a message to one of our recruiters @Tee or @luna gris* with a short about you and why you would like to join us.
We are a Splatoon 2 Clan that just wants to have a good time in Splatoon 2, and maybe compete in clan wars
Here at Splat Challenges, we aim to give Splatoon 2 players something new to work towards so even if you have finished the whole game, there is still a reason to go back! But don't let that fool you. We are also an amazing community to come hang with even if you don't play Splatoon 2!