Gaming | Community
A nice place to come together, laugh and play. while just playing switch games. if you're feeling a bit ambitious join our monthly tournaments.
Gaming | Streaming
The Cobalt Arcade is a gaming community focusing on Nintendo Switch games, primarily Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but we also play Among Us, Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Poke'mon Sword/Shield, and more.
Gaming | Social
We play a lot of splatoon 2, if you want to play with experienced players, you can join, even if you are new to splatoon 2 you can play with people on your level, or maybe people above your level that will help you with maybe salmon run.
Anime | Gaming
A server that focuses on Splatoon competitive and casual play for everyone!
Gaming | Community
This server is basically a Splatoon 2 server. You can hangout, make friends, and to be apart of custom splatfest! We have plenty of channels for modes (Turf, ranked, private, etc.) A main chat to hang out, and alot of bots!
YouTuber | Gaming
Splatoon 2 clan
Gaming | Streaming
Mainly a streaming community but we have a Splatoon chat/role as I stream a lot of Splatoon 2 on Twitch.
Gaming | Community
A for fun server to chat and play games.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Inkopolis United! This is where we will be hosting monthly Splatoon 2 Splatfest events to keep the spirit of the Splatfest alive for as long as possible! We’ll also be hosting weekly game nights each weekend, where we play random Nintendo Switch games together! Talk with members, share memes, pics, and your very own artwork! See you around!
Gaming | Meme
This is a very new server that is tailored to all things Splatoon 2. We have map updates, latest splat news and we support competitive and casual play as well as just a nice place to relax and make some friends! New members are very welcome ^~^
Gaming | Anime
Hello! The Tangy Army is a group of ACNH players (We play other games too, like SSBU, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, and Pokemon!) who like Tangy, the peppy cat villager. We also like other villagers as well! We hold weekly contests, minigames, and plan to host monthly giveaways! We'd love it if you joined our little server and said hi!
Gaming | eSports
Hello everybody, this is a relatively new competitive Splatoon 2 server. In order to keep with the competitive nature of the server, you will be required have at least one S+ rank to join and you must also be active.
Gaming | Sports
SPLATOON / 2 A Discord server for both Splatoon for Wii U and Splatoon 2. Official announcements We have a channel where we receive Nintendo official announcements for Splatoon 2. Rotations We also have a channel where we get map rotations for Splatoon 2 and also for the SplatNet 2 gear shop. Self-assignable roles We have 70 self-assignable roles for stuff like main weapon, favourite colour, in-game character, ranks for every mode, pronouns, game modes... Mode roles You can ping game mode roles and find players to play with. Media channels You can share your tweets, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, memes and artwork in our media channels. Question Of The Day We have dialy suestions (QOTD) and a channel for answers. Pick the QOTD role to get pinged every day. Emojis Enjoy our exclusive Splatoon emojis. Voice channels We have voice channels for every mode in the game, use them whenever you want.
Gaming | Art
Do you want to meet cool people to play Splatoon 2 with? Well then, stop scrolling down and join the Wipeout Punks! We are mainly a Splatoon community but we do play other games such as Animal Crossing, AMONG US, Minecraft and UNO. -Daily private battles and or team/pair leagues. 4 v 4 scrims -1 v 1 tournaments -server splatfests - mini games -music...we have our very own musician. -and a bunch of other, pictures, memes, splat tips... We love to meet and play with new people so come say hi!
Gaming | Community
We have GBF and Splatoon 2 but other channels too.
Gaming | Community
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