This is a bus driving game. it also other OMSI player to connect and talk about OMSI related stuff. People can request people to play with them trough the bus company DLC. Mod maker can upload their mods into the provide chat so people can easy download it and can get feedback more easily. This discord also accept German people as the game is a German game they will have their own channel to speak in.
Official server for Bloody Rally Show - a violent 2D racing game with procedurally generated tracks, inspired by old classics
Aquarious is a discord server where you can happily share your streaming capability and eSports potential to other members and build a community together. With a dedicated Minecraft server as a bonus!
Welcome to the WRTA, or Worcester Regional Transit Authority! We strive to be the most realistic, open-world bus simulator on Roblox! We're still in development and need your help. Come join today!
A Friendly community for Truckers or people looking for information on getting into the industry. also found on /r/Truckers
Ever wanted to cruise with any car you could think of in GTA V? Well NoLife Networks is bringing it to you! You can race/cruise/drift. Anything with cars! Want to host car meets but don't want the trolls to bother you? We have custom scripts allowing you to do that! All cars that can shoot can't in NoLife Networks. Don't get me wrong those pure drifting servers are fun. But if you want to cruise it's harder to control those cars vs in NoLife Networks you can drive explore Los Santos in any car of your dreams! We try our best to push out weekly if not daily updates with new cars and scripts. So you can always see our Devs working hard and making quality updates.
Welcome to Assetto Corsa Organized Racing! Our goal is bring the seriousness and competitiveness of similar racing game iRacing to Assetto Corsa in a more welcoming fashion. Along with this, we want to bring more immersion in by having real people take the role of a crew chief. Making calls on the radio and such. I personally love all types of racing and look forward to all the events we will host.
A server for bus enthusiasts and omsi 2 players. Join the company.