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This is a bus driving game. it also other OMSI player to connect and talk about OMSI related stuff. People can request people to play with them trough the bus company DLC. Mod maker can upload their mods into the provide chat so people can easy download it and can get feedback more easily. This discord also accept German people as the game is a German game they will have their own channel to speak in.
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Welcome to the WRTA, or Worcester Regional Transit Authority! We strive to be the most realistic, open-world bus simulator on Roblox! We're still in development and need your help. Come join today!
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A server for bus enthusiasts and omsi 2 players. Join the company.
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Créations AgoraS-114 🇬🇧 The OFFICIAL discord server for Créations AgoraS-114 and his OMSI 2 creations. This server includes: - All the latest for all of his creations - Exclusive previews of his creations - Support for his past and present creations 🇫🇷 Le serveur discord OFFICIEL de Créations Agoras-114 et ses créations pour OMSI 2 Sur ce serveur vous retrouverez : - Toutes les nouveautés des créations en cours - Des screenshots exlclusifs de ses créations - Du support pour les créations déjà sorties
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Welcome to BCN! Find out all the news about the roblox bus community!
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Buses of Roblox. We are an official bus company for Roblox. Buses of Roblox. We are an official bus company for Roblox.