Social | Community
We're a pretty relaxed server with relaxed rules for people to hang out and chill in. We ain't got any stupid rules or anal staff, so come check us out.
Social | Entertainment
Gaming | Community
Hey. We are serevr looking for active people. You can come and chill or come play games. We inspire a good community and just love to have a good laugh. Come stop say hello and if you don't liek it you are free to leave.
Gaming | Community
In this fun loving and relaxed pokemon community, of friendly faces. Members of this server participate in raids, trades, give aways and more! This server is easy to use for people only interested in shiny/ditto huntinIn this fun loving and relaxed pokemon community, of friendly faces. Members of this server participate in raids, trades, give aways and more! This server is easy to use for people only interested in shiny/ditto hunting and is welcoming of all!
Furry | eSports
Its the anti furry, furry society, a relaxed server with a chill staff and a lot of user input to make the server as top-notch as possible. For furs and non furs, anyone can join.
Community | Gaming
just a chilled server based around chilling and making friends
Community | Social
Girls only No NSFW Semi-private Mod-protected Youtube-feeds Simple Open to suggestions
Community | Entertainment
Swiftly Community is a community discord server focusing on being an active, fun and vibrant atmosphere for people to discuss their opinions, personal issues, music, gaming and other things you love. Swiftly Community, owned by Swift provides Giveaways and other exciting activities such as account dumps (in the making) better than any other.
Gaming | Streaming
We are just here for fun! Terrible At Games create weekly events where members can join us that are going to be live streamed
Meme | Gaming
This server is a gaming and music based chat. We allow foul language but we are usually very chill while talking. We do not accept ANY form of bullying or harassment. We do not spam. Other then that you are free to say whatever, talk to whoever, listen to whatever. We have bot commands & ranks so you don't get bored while in our servers. This is more of a relaxed server then anything. Feel free to invite anyone and help grow out community. We also provide roles to members who are loyal and active to the chat. Come join and have a good time!
Community | Mature
Welcome to Pub Life, one of the most relaxed and laid back communities you can find on Discord. We're looking for active, stand out individuals who actually make a difference in a community. We have a zero acceptance polity for toxicity, if you're looking for a casual, drama free server; Then we're the place for you!
Meme | Technology
Just a random, fun, enjoyable, relaxed server, join if wanting good chats and some fun bots to mess around with. Also contains art and some nsfw just because *people*. Come along!
Community | Art
➡ The Museum is a discord community for people who want to have real conversations with real people. ➡ We aim to be the premier destination for conversations of significance, and an oasis of sanity in an otherwise chaotic space. ➡ We aim to create an environment that is fair for all participants.
Gaming | Community
A comfy place where you can relax and play video games
Streaming | Social
Avapire's Shire is a friendly place to enjoy gaming with others, chat, post memes, and have a good time. We are small, but i hope that we could turn into a big community someday! This server is tied to Avapire's twitch streams, where they play various games and chat with anyone who feels free to join!
Music | Meme
A relaxed and chill discord server that has multiple chat rooms about different subjects such as gaming, music, and memes.
Streaming | Gaming
Fun and relaxing server with fun bots to pass time, made for
Gaming | Art
A minimalist gaming server for people tired of bot and notification spam.
Community | Meme
Avian Chillzone is dedicated to finding a new home for bird and videogame enthusiasts. We want you to not think of us as any other ordinary discord community. Everyday we strive and look for a new reason for you all to be apart of Avian Chillzone. We may not be a large community, but we are definitely a friendly and nice community for how many members we have. Avian Chillzone would love to see some new faces ready to give bird talks, bird support, game talks, game support, and many other things! Come on in!
Social | Anime
Anti-Socialite Socialization, or ASS, is a relaxed community for people in their late teens and young adults. Eschews some of the more fancy features in favour of more simple fun, with Trivia and chats for various hobbies including Media (flim, anime, etc), Computers, Fitness, Physical games (tabletop games, card games etc), Sports, Photography, Music, Gaming, and Art. The server is located in Europe, though there are members in most continents.
Community | Mature
[ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐒𝐐𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐄 ] 𝙒𝙃𝙊 𝙒𝙀 𝘼𝙍𝙀: A small, new, community of mature and diverse folk who like relaxed discussion, memes, and generally having a good time. 𝙒𝙃𝙊 𝙒𝙀 𝘼𝙍𝙀𝙉'𝙏: Lewd, attention seeking e-personas. We are just regular folk, but on the internet. Come join us!
Community | Gaming
○ Welcome to our lovely little ocean-side paradise, Lacuna! ● Hangout and meet friends with games, drink/chill nights, movies, and other relaxing fun. ● A multi-gaming community. Will be a great place to group up, get help with things in games, and find new games to play. ○ 21+ and verified only. So you can feel confident knowing you're interacting with adults. Currently most people here are 25-40. ● Ranking system to earn roles and other fun bots for games, economy/store, pokemon, and a few others. All easily muted under one category/channel.
Gaming | Social
A random laid-back server for chilling out, socializing or playing games together. Feel free to make yourself at home!
Social | Community
A chill server for people to hang out in, and chat. We're all trying our best.
Gaming | Social
Relaxed active server with active admins! We play Rainbow 6 Siege, Rust, Minecraft, GTA V, and so much more! We have fun events monthly and are a small and tightly knit community that is always open to new members!
Community | Anime
A mellow anime-themed hangout space for all people of all kinds!
Gaming | Military
Casual mil-sim community primarily playing Squad
Role-Playing | Community
Project Freelancer is a Special Operations program created to study soldiers with AI implants. It is a very laid back roleplay server. We are not entirely story oriented, but instead focused on character development
Role-Playing | Furry
A Fun and simple roleplay server, looking for members of all kinds, through most of us are furs, we will help you however we can to fit your character into our unique setting, All Welcome!
Gaming | Social
EchoStorm Gaming is a community of, as the name suggests, gamers. We are a laid back group, playing many, many different games from Civ V and Stellaris, to Destiny 2, Warframe, and Minecraft. We look forward to playing with you!
Community | Gaming
Come join and hang out, relaxed environment we are doing tournaments for multiple platforms, primarily on Xbox. Ranks, specialty roles, and more!
Art | Hobbies
Welcome to a small server where really (I mean really) weird people gather in. It is a SFW server, and we all welcome you. Please enjoy your stay in the Bean Kingdom! (By the way, sorry for the lack of backgrounds.)
Community | Social
彡 bloom is a fun and active discord community with friendly staff 彡
Community | Emoji
Xoxo !SOCIAL! Xoxo
Gaming | Community
A small server where everyone is friends. We're looking for more people like us to join in. We play games every day, watch, chat and just chill all the time. We're a small, friendly place to make new friends and just chill.
Anime | Community
A relaxed community that cropped up around the anime by the name of "Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!". We have clubs dedicated to various hobbies that our members partake in, in which we hold events dedicated to those hobbies, including gaming, literature, music, and so on.