Gaming | Playstation
1800+ Members 🫂 | Guaranteed Non-Toxic 🛡️| Certified Sherpas 🧑‍🚀| Giveaways 🎁| Custom LFG 🤝| Free Guides 📚| Specialty Quests 🗺️
Gaming | Playstation
1800+ Members 🫂 | Guaranteed Non-Toxic 🛡️| Certified Sherpas 🧑‍🚀| Giveaways 🎁| Custom LFG 🤝| Free Guides 📚| Specialty Quests 🗺️
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Art | Community
Looking for a place to showcase and get rewards for your artistic talent? WE GOT YOU COVERED. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Create with Quill is building something that would not just help you create efficiently but also provide a platform to showcase your works. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is what we offer: ? A warm and welcoming community. ? Active and Kind Staff. ? Lots of upcoming events to showcase your talents. ? Amazon Gift Cards, Apple Gift Cards, Games, and Nitro Giveaways. ? Community Created Channels. ?? Connect and collaborate with like-minded people. And so much more to explore. Who should join this channel: Anyone who is or aspires to be an artist.? If you find this interesting,Join the link above
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Community | Support
This is a newly started SFW server for parents out there who wanna gather and share small and big moments. Regardless how old your little or big monster is, it is nice to have a shared comminity. Tell us what the latest thing your angel or demon have ruined. This is a small tightnit community for the mature.
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Entertainment | Gaming
Best place to chill out with your friends and la lot of fun gaming and cubing activities, Join the Gamers Region today!
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Gaming | Memes
A good place to hang out, chill, and play videogames with friends! The Amaze Community has something for everyone!
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Crypto | Community
8,888 unique collectible NFT of pure evil cuteness living on the Ethereum blockchain. Join our brotherhood! Join us to our Discord. ? ?
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Entertainment | Role-Playing
Make new friends and discuss on Disney Films. Invite other people and friends
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Art | DIY
Welcome to "Kiddos" - A vibrant and engaging server designed for our fantastic community of 13 years and older!🎉 Dive into a world of fun and friendship where laughter knows no bounds. At Kiddos, we've created a safe and inclusive space for our awesome members to connect, share, and explore a variety of interests! 🌈 A Colorful Community: Immerse yourself in a rainbow of personalities and backgrounds. Our diverse group of Kiddos brings a kaleidoscope of perspectives and experiences, making every interaction a unique and enriching experience! 🤝 Friendship Central: Forge lasting connections with fellow Kiddos who share your passions and interests. Whether you're into gaming, arts and crafts, or just looking for a good chat, you're sure to find like-minded friends here! 🎮 Game On!: Join in epic gaming adventures with our dedicated gaming channels. From casual gamers to competitive players, everyone has a place to discuss, strategize, and maybe even team up for some unforgettable gam
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Social | Community
13 - 17 allowed - below 18 - no-pedos - social - new server this server is not for dating Need a server with people your age that arent mean or judgmental? Well this is the server expired invite? well here's a new one and if it got expired too dm me to join (tired_acc) .
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Social | LGBT
Oi prazer , sou o Ninja , Venha para o nosso servidor no Discord! 🌈🎮 Servidor apenas para jovens Gamers e membros LGBT até 14 anos. Difícil encontrar comunidades assim, por isso decidi criar este servidor
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Art | Just Chatting
PLS JOIN nobody is in here and its my first time doing this, 8-13 kids ONLY no one above 13 can join! if they do i will kick them! alsoo....when you join pls intorduce yourself in the intruduction channel, use the template i have in there
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Community | Social
Welcome to The Little Ones! 🎉 Are you under 18 and looking for a fun, friendly place to hang out? Look no further! The Little Ones is a vibrant community filled with awesome people and cool activities. Here’s what we offer: 🎮 Gaming Galore: Join fellow gamers for discussions, tips, and multiplayer fun! 🎨 Art Showcase: Share your masterpieces and get inspired by others’ creativity. 🐾 Pet Pics: Show off your adorable pets and admire the cuteness overload. 🎉 Truth or Dare Bots: Spice up your day with fun truth or dare challenges. 😂 Memes: Share your favorite memes and enjoy a good laugh. 🎤 Voice Chat: Hang out and chat with friends in our voice channels. Join us and be part of an amazing community where everyone is welcome, and fun is always guaranteed. See you there!
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Community | Just Chatting
∘₊✧──────✧₊∘⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ Hello! We are a small active server looking for new members! We would love if you would join, we are based around 13-17 year olds, all minors community, and we are toxic! We take everything as a joke and we desperately need new people, we accept everyone so plz join.