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Zeldraxus is a school where you can gain powers just by applying and getting accepted. Will you join the Thunder, Ice, Nature, Medicine, Light, Fire, Water, Darkness, Time, Earth, Wind, Love, Crafters, Holy/Curse, Dream, Sound, Hypnosis, or Creativity Class?
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SHOW NO MERCY COMMUNITY SHOW NO MERCY Is a casually-competitive clan focusing on Valorant. If you're looking for a server with a chill community and a dedicated staff team, this is the place for you! If you're not set on joining yet, here are some cool features we have! What We Have: [-] A growing community that gets more diverse by the day! [-] A very linear and rewarding leveling-system, which you unlock new perks the further you progress (One of which giving you the option between special powers for more XP) [-] Roles that unlock channels for your favorite games updates, LFG's, and chats! [-] A friendly staff team and easy for-the-eye layout. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SHOW NO MERCY CLAN, VISIT OUR #❓-want-to-join-snm channel or DM Imperial#0234