This story is about cats… living in a terrible, deadly, uninviting world. An Apocalyptic one to be precise. All of them have lived their lives… sorrowful or jovial, cut short or lasting… but it has come to an end. All of you have died. But… to your surprise - you open your eyes once again, but do not find yourself in heaven, paradise or reborn… but in a dark void, with other cats just as confused as you, yourself. A creature then tells you that you cannot enter the afterlife. Why? … Because you are Half Spirited. In the end the creature makes a pact, if you and the others complete 5 trials and get to the end, you will be allowed to enter Paradise, but if you will not… then you will parish and nobody will even remember that you ever placed a paw on this wounded land. “It is now Your choice. Will you accept the challenge, mortal?”
One day, the world ended. A comet hit the earth, annihilating a good amount of its life— the survivors of humanity hiding in bunkers, waiting for a day to resurface. Upon surfacing, however, they found the world teeming with flora, with a stable atmosphere— what’s more, upon exposure to this strange atmosphere, a good amount of humans developed strange abilities. Superpowers. A long while after resurfacing, humanity has rebuilt itself with the abilities they’ve gained, but with civilization comes crime, and mixing crime with superhuman abilities tends to create chaos. Gaia Akedemeia, a top class school founded in what remains of Central America, seeks to train gifted young individuals to fight against evil— or join it. We offer: - An extensive environment for school-based role-play - A simple combat system for PvP role-play - A good amount of freedom regarding character creation - A friendly non-toxic community - A good variety of settings to role-play in
An LGBT friendly marvel roleplaying server!
In Shooting Stars: you've been enrolled into Avalon, an educational institute, set in the year 206X, focused on the well being of students that have potential to develop superhuman abilities. (Think X-Men crossed with My Hero Academia! :3c) ❀An open armed relaxed community looking to invite other otaku feel at home!❀ ☆Emojis☆ Rp Events☆ Emotes☆Helpful/snarky staff☆18+ please☆-4 GMT timezone ☆erotic role-playing (optional) ☆combat system is based on Prowlers and Paragons:UE (easy to learn tabletop)☆Power themes are chosen at random (Good luck!)☆Most importantly, our community is friendly and active, newbies to RPing welcome!☆Partnerships!☆ ♡Join us today!!♡
"Dedicated to the ongoing legacy of our founders, Ethereal Academy is committed to educating our students to be able to confront humanity's urgent challenges. We are also empowering our students to live fulfilling lives as responsible, global citizens. Apply today!"
Welcome to the Phantasmic World of BRAVEN HEARTS! Explore this action packed rp as your favored race from our large selection and hop in! Learn about the plot, lore, timeline and maybe even make a few new friends in this super naturals futuristic fantasy rp! And remember, the greatest warriors are those with Braven Hearts! This roleplay is also based off of the anime series/game fate, fate elements included. So if you're a fate fan, this roleplay server is for you!
A fun place to roleplay with almost any character from anything that isn't too op!
Nearly 16 Years after the Climax between Class 1-A and The League of Villains, Musutafu has been peaceful with many of the former students becoming Heroes themselves, while several heroes retired. Things seem to have settled down... But if that was the case then there would be no strife, different cabals and ideals to grow in the shadows and some to resurface from being destroyed prior. Occasionally, unstable and extremely strong quirks appear, which can become a problem for heroes, villains and practically everyone. Current Arc: After the New All For One made his grand first entrance, beating down Deku, Ground Zero and Shoto, the First Years then were introduced to their end of year internships. But villains are lurking in every corner, ready and preparing to strike...
Welcome to the city of Horizon, a paradise to some, and hell to others. Horizon is mostly inhabited by normal people, though among the common rabble are **Metas**, people with supernatural abilities bestowed upon them by a strange virus. Opposed to these individuals are those that wish to hunt them down and end them for good, **meta-hunters.** Their powers vary widely in use and application, used for the pursuit of justice— or for more greedy and ill-intentioned reasons. — — — Horizon is a role-play server where you can take the role of a meta, using your powers however you see fit. We offer: -A friendly community to interact and chat with -Semi-Literate to Literate role-play -Simplistic yet diverse settings and areas -Player homes -A chill environment