𝔖𝔞𝔡 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔡𝔬𝔪 is all about to have fun, relax, socialize and share the same interests with other people. The theme is based off the middle age and we have a variety of topics and events to keep you interested and happy! Our staff is always open minded and happy to help you out!
Basically just a chill hangout server where you can make new friends, relax and have fun, listen to music, and even play games, so how about you give it a shot? 👀
A server in which everyone can be themselves! feel like you're in home regardless who you are. You're depressed ? Trying to meet new friends ? Want to hang out with people ? It Doesn't matter. We accept everyone. 🔷 Please keep it mind it's still a fresh server so consider helping it grow ^-^ 🔷
【The Vintage Chill Zone】 | | Heyo! Need a place to just chill and talk? Then come on over to our server! | | == | | Here's what we offer: | |== 👬 A place to make friends! 🎮 Gaming Channels 💣 A place where you can vent 🔞 NSFW Channels!(Optional) 📖 Anime and Manga Discussion 🔎Need sauce? We got that too! 🤖 Bots! 😃 Custom Emotes! 🖌 A place to share your art!
We hang out with other people, host events with amazing rewards, and much more!
❏— ˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ How could you've known hate, when you never known love?༉‧ ♡.✧
Bliss is a server dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all to enjoy. You're probably browsing DiscordMe because you're bored, so why not join and make some new friends!
A new small community to discuss all your nerdy needs, find people with similar interests, game with other people and watch live streams of the staff and anyone interested in streaming. We have self roles in the server so check that out. A verification system for selfies and age to ensure that the person you are talking to is real and not a catfish. We also have 9 custom made emote made by an artist so they are unique to us :D The server is still new but we are rather friendly so come drop by and say hi :)
Hello! This is a community-based server, we support all goths, emos, punks, metal fans, alternative people and many more! We are LGBTQI+ friendly. Meet Friends! Feel Free To Vent! Music! Self-Assigning Roles! Bots To Play With! Talk About Bands That You Like With Others! Share Music You Like Or Your Own! Looking for Staff https://discord.gg/mAeKnN3
Come down to the Domain buddy ;3 >Chill and friendly >Gaming,chatting etc. >Helpful active staff >
Edgy, gaming/anime related discord server.
Hey, This is a server for anyone and everyone. Do not judge us by our name. Type in the chats if you think it's dead, Because it's not. This is a friendly community. Our Server is not bad. It's only bad if you make it bad. Please join - its worth it.
An active e-chat and chill discord server where you can make new friends!
While this server might be a fetus compared to most, there's a lot of fun features, self roles, entertaining bots and a good community. Stop on by and take a look and who knows, you might like what you see. :D
A server for the people who don’t quite fit in.
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