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👾💜Friendly, chill and comfy anime community! ♦︎ 500 Emotes, 30 Boosts ♦︎ DankMemer, Mudae Premium II, Pokebot ♦︎ Roleplay 💜👾
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Anime | Gaming | Community
👾💜Friendly, chill and comfy anime community! ♦︎ 500 Emotes, 30 Boosts ♦︎ DankMemer, Mudae Premium II, Pokebot ♦︎ Roleplay 💜👾
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YouTuber | Streaming
Want to grow you're stream, Make a name for you're self or just make money doing what you love? Join a chill community with self-roles friendly staff and hang/make friends. Let our bot work for you. Welcome Home :)
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Anime | Community
【The Vintage Chill Zone】 | | Heyo! Need a place to just chill and talk? Then come on over to our server! | | == | | Here's what we offer: | |== 👬 A place to make friends! 🎮 Gaming Channels 💣 A place where you can vent 🔞 NSFW Channels!(Optional) 📖 Anime and Manga Discussion 🔎Need sauce? We got that too! 🤖 Bots! 😃 Custom Emotes! 🖌 A place to share your art!
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Art | Community
A creative server, to promote your art and very importand to find Art buddys of course 🌸
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Art | Community
We are a friendly and open minded art server. Please have in mind we only accept 13+ years old, due to the ToS. We accept all types of artist, even if you are a beginner, just be creative and don't steal art nor trace. We hope you can make a lot of art friends here in this boring quarantine time.
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Role-Playing | Social
Zeldraxus is a school where you can gain powers just by applying and getting accepted. Will you join the Thunder, Ice, Nature, Medicine, Light, Fire, Water, Darkness, Time, Earth, Wind, Love, Crafters, Holy/Curse, Dream, Sound, Hypnosis, or Creativity Class?
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Social | Community
We are a new English Community. We are looking forward to getting bigger. We cannot get bigger without people :) We don't have many features, but we are developing. *Some Self-roles *Game Partner Find *Language Channel
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Community | Meme
A cancerous shithole of autism.
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Community | Anime
Welcome to The Club! We are a small friendly community.
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Anime | Furry
We are a group of people who don't have gf/bf. Join us now as you can make one here also
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Community | Emoji
Unknown Space is a place for you to hangout and make some new friends, have some fun with bots, and chill. Rankroles and such are done here and we enjoy people who are just overall good people :)
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Gaming | YouTuber
So I’m a small starter youtube and I made a discord server for all my subscribers, new and current. The server includes self roles for you to ping in case you wanna play with some people and i will sometimes ping roles to record. The server already consists of 28 members last time I checked and that including the bots. We also have a direct way to apply for staff using an application bot and we have a variety of nice kind staff
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Community | Business
We do video editing and graphic designing. We make banners, headers, logos, stream overlay, and much more for content creators. Feel free to inquire and ask questions in the server This server is not only for availing banners, logos, and etc it's also a community server too. You can chat with other players or even talk to them in VC. (This server is still new soo there are not many people on this server, but if you join you help us grow the server and make it more active.)