Anime | Gaming
Anime, Manga,Webtoons, Manhwa, Manhua, Web/Light Novels, Video Games, Music, other Otakus. If you like these things then Welcome to Otaku Guild. Come JOIN US. lol.
Anime | Role-Playing
Welcome to TGOOKPH Discord Channel! The new fun and home of Anime lovers like you! Do participate in discussions, participate in events and interact with fellow Anime lovers. We have different channels that you can join in to accompany people to your liking! Thank you for joining and having fun! Mainly for Filipinos( But there are english channels )
Anime | Community
A Discord server out of the many out there that exists for the reason of comforting boredom and connecting the past, present and future. We are not a cultivation server in the strict sense- but rather a server space cultivating the well being of each other socially.