Sports | Fitness
Are you a football fan? Well, whether you’re a blue or a red; a local fan or a foreign fan; a follower or a fanatic - we’ve got you covered! Whoever you may be and whatever team you may support, Top Tier Football is the server for you! Here at Top Tier Football, we have: 🤗 An awesome, accepting community who will never leave you hanging! ⚽️ Channels for all of your football interests, from FPL to UCL! 👀 Score channels which are updated with every fixture, helping keep you updated on the latest results! 🤙 A friendly staff team who are always alert and interact regularly with the community! ⭐ Plus so much more incredible features that make Top Tier Football the place to be! So join the community today, and you won't regret it!
Gaming | Community
Our aim is to help Pokemon Go players organise raids, PvP tournaments, make new friends, community day organisation, and much more. We are linked to the Liverpool Telegram group and a few localised Facebook Chats, which cover North Liverpool (Walton, Anfield, Walton Vale, Fazakerley), Bootle (and Seaforth), Waterloo/Crosby, and a very new addition of Kensington/Old Swan. If you have a local facebook chat for an area not covered, feel free to ask an admin about getting it added. There are also some localised channels on the server, and if there is enough interest we can add more. When you first join the server you will be asked to assign your team to gain access to the main channels. Please read the pinned posts to see how to do this, and check pinned posts in any other channel, as there is a lot of useful information to aid your enjoyment of Pokemon GO and this server. You will also be sent a message with important rules that you must follow while a part of this server.
YouTuber | Gaming
Paradecent is a community based discord for small and upcoming talent, if that be a youtuber or streamer. It is a platform for you to connect with people and look at other people content. It is a group of lads from Liverpool all with the same goal and aspirations, that is to grow on youtube and twitch and make content that people enjoy! We are highly community driven and we are looking to strive! Join Paradecent if you want to become a part of something great!