This is a very new server focussed on chatting/dating. We have many custom ranks that will show others your preference and location. This server is 13+ and the staff will actively make sure no one will get harassed by anyone not invited! We are hoping to grow and make people happily meet others!!
🌸 A new anime community trying to grow, we have events and more. 🌸
Hey! Welcome to Take a Break! Here you will find a lots of peoples who share the same hobbies such as : "anime, gaming, meeting & talking, and even more". If you are interested give it a try !
Hello, Something aesthetic is a discord server that is made for everyone. In this server we have quite a few games, roleplaying, anime and so much more. If you are looking for a server to meet new people and date look no more come and join something aesthetic and find your special someone<3