Beliefs | Community
SOR is a Monarchist/Royalist server that is over two years old, with an active and friendly community. We have roles for religions, ideologies, nationalities, sub-ideologies, and more. Active community with a long history.
Social | LGBT
Diverse politics server that covers all aspects of the political spectrum. LGBTQ+ Friendly.
Beliefs | Community
Mediard Regno is nation state based around Occitania & more. Debates, aristocratic ranks & system.
Community | Social
Hello, our server is King For A Month! In this server, on the 1st of every month, a new king will be appointed. There are also other ways to become king, like overthrowing the current king! Many aspects of the server are controlled by the king, too!
Role-Playing | Community
Monarchy RP, Army RP based Server set in 19th century UK
Role-Playing | Political
Full name: People's United Sultanates of Karyamanistan State ideology: Kemalist Socialist Monarchy Official Language: Turkish Formation: 1943 Capitals: Tuzluca, Kahta National days: July Revolution (19th of July), Victory Day (21st of August), Glory Day (9th of February).
Military | Role-Playing
Greetings! You have been invited to the Austrian Empire. We are a server based off the Austrian Empire. Everybody is welcome, as long as they read the rules. The year is set around 1820, and we are an Absolute Monarchy. Our server includes: 『🛡』Security This server has a border. 『🤖』Bots Some moderation bots and some fun bots. (maybe your favorite bot is here) 『🏅』Medals and Orders We give out Medals and Orders to those who contribute. 『🗡』Military Come join the military and serve the Empire. 『🤝』Open Partnerships Any partners are accepted, open for re-partners too. 『➕』And many more to come! Join now
Community | Meme
I have one of the great servers of all time. -One rule: DON'T BE A DICK; this is pretty simple, just DON'T BE A DICK -You can choose your pronouns with a command (-role [pronoun]) -Plenty of bots and roles -One Anarcho-Monarch to rule them all -Legions of loyal and just Admins (Grand Legions) and Mods (Legionaries) -The Anarcho-Monarch can do whatever he wants, but he has a light hand -When the Anarcho-Monarch dies he gets replaced in a popular election