Bot | Community
Discord community for the Vexera discord bot.
Anime | YouTuber
The Community Discord of Kujou and Anok.
Bot | Support
Support server for Tony Bamanaboni
Social | Community
Welcome to The Playing Cards! I'm glad to announce that my brand new server is entirely open to the public! We've got a gaming channel, media and art channel, memes, and even a music bot! When you join the server, you'll be asked to read the rules and select a role of your choice. Will you be in the Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, or Hearts? The choice you make will dictate which one of the four private channels you can join, all in according to what role you picked. So come join our server if that sounds good to you!
Bot | Gaming
Welcome to The Burning Leigon! We are a group of streamers who play games and chill. Join a friendly and entertaining community. We have our own Music Bots as well as a Modded Minecraft Server.
Streaming | Community
This is my discord for my twitch, but can also be used to connect with others, chat and connect with other games and play games with. There heaps to do, lots of bots and things to do..This is streamer friendly we promote other streamers in this discord. Music bots and a command text channel. Music Bots: - Rythem Bot - Groovy Bot - Dyno Bot - Adults 18+ text channel and voice - Twitch Shout-outs and promos - Appreciation text channel - memes channel - pets and selfies text channel - Streamers Voice channel - General Voice Channels - Gaming Voice Channels - Music Booths Voice Channels Also looking for discord mods and twitch mods. Please apply by messaging the owner.
Music | Gaming
Server für Musiker, Komponisten, Tontechniker, Musikproduzenten und Gamer. Hier spielt die Musik. Also ja wirklich. Der Server ist zum einen dazu gedacht sich auszutauschen, z.B über Kompositionsweisen aber auch zum entspannen bei einem guten Videospiel oder Pen and Paper über die Streaming Funktion. Also schaut vorbei, lasst euch verzaubern und bleibt doch ne Weile. ;)
Gaming | Community
Nintendo Swicheroos is a community server for people who play the Nintendo Switch. You can share friend codes and talk about your adventures in games!
Community | Growth
A social server that believes everyone should be connected. This server is about you and others building the community. Make sure not to build it the wrong way.
Community | LGBT
Need a safe place? Are you bullied and no one understands you? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then join the Safe Tipi! For ages 13-15 we have a supportive and safe community We have: Special roles Self-promo Music Bot Safety