Role-Playing | Science
Chimera Strain is a science fiction based role-play group based in the distant future after a man-made disease has ravaged the human race and leaving the survivors mutated while those who have become immune to the virus live comfortably in large walled off cities.
Role-Playing | Writing
MRO is an original character, original plot X-Men writing role-playing forum game. We've been open and active since October of 2005. You can write on our forum as a mutant, human, or Adapted— one of the rare humans who nullify mutant powers by their very existence. Goodies, baddies, and neutrals are all welcome. Setting: Since the existence of mutants was first revealed in the nineties, the world has become a changed place. Whether they're genetic misfits or the next stage in humanity's evolution, there's no denying their growing numbers, especially in hubs like New York City. The NYPD has a division devoted to mutant related crimes. Super-powered vigilantes help to maintain the peace. Those who style themselves as Homo Superior work to tear society apart for rebuilding in their own image.
Community | Role-Playing
Mutants roam the land. Abominations, even. Nothing is left... but humanity. A world in which the world is gone. Very few are left, and we are all we got. The moving city. The bone grove. It's the leftovers. We are in An Unorthodox Place.