Role-Playing | Entertainment
This is a Marvel roleplay server set in modern times including all Marvel universes (Avengers, X-Men, GotG, The Defenders, etc). Semi-literate to literate server. OCs & Canons welcome! Still very new so popular canons are available like Captain America! Check the description for more...
Community | Role-Playing
Welcome to the mayhem! This is a semi-literate to literate Marvel RP server. Roleplay is currently set after the events of AoU, however before the events of Civil War. We have an LGBT+ friendly environment, canons and OCs, an active staff, and plenty of canons still for the taking.
Role-Playing | Hobbies
Rp as either a canon or original character in the Marvel universe! Help build this brand new server and build your universe!!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
✎... A Casual and chill Role-playing community ✎... Active and mature staff ✎... LGBTQ+ and POC friendly ✎... A chance to expand on your role-play and characters ✎... Partnerships with multiple servers ✎... Frequent role-play events ✎... Many helpful bots (Music, etc.) ✎... Self-roles
Writing | Role-Playing
The out of character discord for Earth M: A Jcink Premium Marvel Roleplay. We are set in an AU world called Earth M, which is Wanda's creation of the perfect world, but is here world really so perfect? With no memories of their past lives, everyone in the world continues on with their lives, but what happens when some start getting flashes of their old lives?