Entertainment | Gaming
I am a big fan of marvel and would love to have a server with people to discuss about marvel and its related topics. This server is therefore a place where you can put forward you views regarding any topic related or unrelated to marvel but please read the rules and channel guide to keep the channels topical, friendly healthy and most of all enjoyable. In this server you can :- i) Participate in polls :first_place: ii) Participate in giveaways :tada: iii) Get milestone perks :gift: iv) Discuss marvel :heavy_check_mark: v) Discuss DC :heavy_check_mark: vi) Maybe get a free custom bot :robot: vii) Participate in stream :tv: viii) Host your own streams :video_game: ix) Chat :speech_balloon:
Role-Playing | Anime
This is a server for DBZ and Marvel. That's all I can say.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
This is a Marvel roleplay server set in modern times including all Marvel universes (Avengers, X-Men, GotG, The Defenders, etc). Semi-literate to literate server. OCs & Canons welcome! Still very new so popular canons are available like Captain America! Check the description for more...
Community | Role-Playing
Welcome to the mayhem! This is a semi-literate to literate Marvel RP server. Roleplay is currently set after the events of AoU, however before the events of Civil War. We have an LGBT+ friendly environment, canons and OCs, an active staff, and plenty of canons still for the taking.
Role-Playing | Community
We have so many activities for you to explore and multiple roles you can earn! We are about positivity and we hope you enjoy Marvel as much as we do. So come and join us at Avengers Infinite!
Gaming | Community
A group for all Marvel fan! Regrouping all Marvel's Avengers players in all platforms making it easier for everybody to make friends and have fun! Join us!
Community | Hobbies
Welcome, aboard we are glad to have you here!! "Are you an MCU addict? Have you been looking for people with similar tastes? Are you tired of going from one server to another just to enjoy something different? Well, look no further... for the Marvelfeast brings the fans of MCU on one server. The Marvel-feast is a server where we give our users an opportunity to bring their unimaginable dream come true. We have amazing channels for maximum interaction, marvelous events and competitions and we maintain a level of siriusness for a happy and friendly, virtual environment. We offer our users: a chance to participate in various fields may or may not be Marvel related, showcase their skills. We ar also ‘Something For Everyone’ servers as we just not only concentrate on Marvel but other fandoms and things too. Hope you enjoy yourselves!! Creativity is the fanlore of this galaxy.
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you are a huge fan or a new fan of the works of Marvel, then this is the perfect server for you. We have everything from Movies, Comics, TV Series, Theories and many more we can't list because there's so much to do. So come and join us.
Entertainment | Social
This is a place for Marvel fans to discuss everything Marvel, from the comics, movies, TV shows, video games, music and more. Memes, theories, fan art and recommendations are shared on this server too. You'll be sure to strike up a conversation with a fellow Marvel fan any time of the day and hopefully make good friends along the way.
Social | Community
This is a server for all Marvel fans. Love Marvel and can't wait for the new shows to come out? Then this might be the perfect server for you, here we talk about comics, movies, conspiracy theories and more! Enjoy!
Community | Entertainment
We are a pop culture hub centered around Marvel, Sonic, and all Disney owned franchises. ALL pop culture is welcome <3