Entertainment | Emoji
The Spidey Fanclub is the 1# spot for a variety of Spider-Man emotes, as well as casual discussions about our favorite webslinger.
Community | Hobbies
If you're a giant Spider-Man fan, this is the place for you! This is a small server with a huge admiration for the webhead. When you need a place to fanboy or someone to talk to, you're welcome here! This server has an exclusive interactive Spider-Man bot.
Community | Anime
Welcome to Hanjoo's Store! In our store, we sell: Comic Books - Marvel Comics - Rick and Morty (2015-2020) - Star Wars (2015-2020) - probably any comic book you want Games Come check us out!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative... Are you a fan of Marvel? What about Roleplaying? Superheroes? Always had an OC you wanted to be apart of the Marvel universe? Well you're in luck! Introducing Marvel: Reborn! A Brand-New Marvel RP server! All ages welcomed! We hope to see you there! Here are some of the things we here at Marvel: Reborn have to offer! ★ Active Staff ★ Friendly Staff ★ Friendly little community! ★ Experts with the Marvel Mythos ★ Major Events ★ Minor Events ★ A universe with a deep, expansive history ★ Men Playing Galaga Come on down! https://discord.gg/QfZjQrv
Role-Playing | Social
SPIDER VERSE! If you love Spider- Man and want to role-play, play games, have good discussions and socialize this is the place for you. In this server we talk about anime, manga, comics and many more things. In addition to that we role play as Spider-Man from different universes and create our own story line. We have just started and are looking for tons of New Members! "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"
Entertainment | Social
This is a place for Marvel fans to discuss everything Marvel, from the comics, movies, TV shows, video games, music and more. Memes, theories, fan art and recommendations are shared on this server too. You'll be sure to strike up a conversation with a fellow Marvel fan any time of the day and hopefully make good friends along the way.
Social | Community
This is a server for all Marvel fans. Love Marvel and can't wait for the new shows to come out? Then this might be the perfect server for you, here we talk about comics, movies, conspiracy theories and more! Enjoy!