Age of Infinity is a new server that strives to be the ultimate destination for all things Marvel. We offer discussions surrounding the movies, games, cartoons, and comics.
The Multiverse. Up and coming server related to the DCEU. Comic lovers, gamers, social people, we welcome all. Always looking for active people to help grow the community. Including paid promotions soon, come join the community. Looking for more Artists to hold an art contest.
We are a new discord server revolving around anything and everything Marvel! Come join and talk!
A fan discord for fans of the MCU variant of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.
Welcome to the Marvel Core! A great place to hangout, make friends, and talk about all things Marvel. Features include reaction roles, economy system, active staff, and great leveling system.
A semi-collaborative project consisting of re-writing the DC Extended (or Cinematic) Universe, by the fans, for the fans.
[I see you are getting smarter...] [Are you ready to...] Wake UP The realms of creation --- Uniquely designed storyline ---custom items and map --- All inclusive story style What is the Realms of creations? Think, if every book, movie, video game, and tv show, we ever wrote existed in one all inclusive group of realms That means if you want to be Thanos, you can. You can also be any character from the many animes that our species has written. So what are you waiting for? Heed Creation's call and join us!
If you like marvel at all, please fell free to join in. There are friendly Staff here to help you, Easy to follow rules, and most importantly fun for the whole family!
The Avengers Initiative server is a place where you can chill and discuss topics related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe together with your fellow Marvel fans! We provide: • All the latest on the MCU • Safe and well organized server with a Level 1 Server Boost • Awesome MCU related emotes (100!!!) • Gaming channel to discuss Marvel's Avengers game • Memes channel to share all your MCU related memes
Hi there! ❤️ We’re a SFW community of fans who love to discuss our love of Marvel and the Cinematic Universe! We have a host of caring staff members and friendly users, and plenty of channels in order to roleplay efficiently and with depth, without restricting creativity! We hope that you consider joining us if you enjoy RP, Marvel, Cosplay, or just talking in general! ☺️