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Welcome to DC Central, the Discord Server on all things DC! Catch up on weekly discussions and chats on your favorite comics, movies, tv shows, games, and just about anything else DC related! Just to get a small idea of what this server has to offer — DC Emojis — QOTDs Everyday — Official DC News Updates — Exclusive Channels and Roles — Self Assignable Roles by Reactions — Partnerships with other Discord Servers Head on over and enjoy!
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Dear hero, We are pleased to inform you that you've been accepted into the Young Justice Academy! Here, we train young heroes like yourself and put them on the path to greatness. You'll become an adept with your abilities in no time under the mentorship of some of the most iconic super heroes known across the galaxy! We offer many classes, programs and clubs here that help you better your skills and powers. We do not discriminate in our academy; people and beings from all walks of life are more than welcome here. You’ll be able to meet members of the Justice League, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and other iconic house names who could very much be the ones to mentor you. On occasion, we pick some of our most progressed students to carry out important missions on and off earth. Will you be one of those valiant heroes? Or will you shadow one of the Justice League members on one of their missions? Gather your supplies and prepare yourselves for the term.
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⍟ Meet weirdos like you! ⍟ Share your Funkos ⍟ 100+ unique emojis ⍟ Pick any color role - no restrictions! ⍟ Watch Parties
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✩ 18+ server ✩ lazy-adv. literate ✩ partnerships with qualifying servers ✩ canon only characters ✩ JLU & DCAMU key plot points ✩ year one, meaning you grow your hero as you see fit!