A server for the free browser game Delhanro. A game where you can play as over 100 heroes. You can play it here: https://arcanadragon.blogspot.com/search/label/Playable%20Versions
Criamos um cenário em conjunto de um Brasil com superpoderes. Aqui você pode criar seu herói e participar do desenvolvimento da história; ou então fazer parte dos grupos de arte e desenvolvimento dos jogos, quadrinhos e séries.
Server for Heroes of Pignation, the epig mobile game.
An LGBT friendly marvel roleplaying server!
Heroes of Overwatch it's a fan Overwatch Discord Server where everyone is a hero! We are a friendly group of people that enjoy playing overwatch and want to create something big so everyone can join and become a hero. Check the server Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/FFW_UZGcsGM
In the nearby forest of mist, a new dungeon has been found and a call for action has been spread for adventurers and heroes to explore and conquer. This is a story about two sides, heroes and monsters. Heroes are able to level up and get items to help them grow stronger while monsters are able to level up and evolve! If any monster beats the current boss monster, they become the new boss monster and can change things about the dungeon. If a hero beats the boss monster they get boons as proof of their strength. Come join in!
Based in a modern alternate earth, Heroes of the Realm is a roleplaying server based around superheroes, and is inspired by comics, games, anime and more. The server takes place in an entirely original universe, with all the lore and story written by yours truly. We have a simple original combat system, and a leveling system based around progression through activity on the server such as normal RP or daily events. You can also create your own custom abilities for your characters. Join today.
What we can offer A reasonable Moderation Team. Multiple Roleplay Categories Events of all sorts and types. OC's! [Original Characters]. Fun Self-Assignable Roles! Semi-Literate Roleplay! Active and Respectable Community
A place to discuss the Dragon Quest franchise, whether it be main series games, spin-offs, or fan made content! We also host tournaments for you to vote on your favourite DQ game, piece of music, etc. Changes to the server run by polls to members.