The largest 18+ BDSM pet-play themed Discord community with plenty of headpats to go around.
A server where master and pet meet, to go on grand lewd adventures! At Pet Play Paradise We have everything the pet and master needs, or is looking for! Adopt pets, talk about pet gear, collect candy and join fun events! Here you can do it all! Join Us! ~Mew.
A new NSFW server for those interested or involved in Pup Play, come hang out and make some friends.
Petplay United is an 18+ community for all aspects of Petplay! We want to encourage active participation and conversation in the community and help spread knowledge/enjoy the hobby together <3 There's also a cult.
All kinksters welcome! We are an educational server focused on fostering lasting kink partnerships and hot play in a safe environment, SSC and RACK play, and a sense of supportive community. We welcome kinksters of all stripes and feature special events for DDlg, M/s, D/s, Petplay, and more. ACTIVE VOICE CHAT COMMUNITY REGIONAL CHANNELS TO CONNECT WITH LOCAL KINKSTERS WEEKLY KINK WORKSHOPS KINK DISCUSSION EVENTS LGBTQIAA+ AND T* SAFE SPACE MOVIE NIGHTS LITTLESPACE ACTIVITES (bedtime stories, movies, crafting and more) ANIME EVENTS GAME NIGHTS MUCH MUCH MORE
Welcome Kittens, and company, to Naughty Kitten Paradise! This server is focused on bringing couples together via discord.
Little PLaypen is an 18+ BSDM server with a focus on CGL. We are for new members of the community as well as very experienced members. We strive to be a tight-knit community if live minded people from all over the world. We are here to make new friends, have some fun, and learn something new! While we try to keep out members safe we do not aggressively moderate the channels. If you'd like to view NSFW content we do require age verification.
Must verify to see 18+
Must verify to see 18+