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Nous sommes ravis de vous accueillir sur la Cordillère ! Le serveur est récent, dédié au BDSM en général: bondage, fétichismes, domination/soumission etc... Les règles de conduite sont libertines, les discussions frivoles, la modération dévergondée !
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The Eclipse is a No Man's Sky Hub that unites Bounty Hunters,Travelers, Explorers, Conquerors, and traders. Together we will build a name for our origination in the No Man's Sky community, we will grow and be the best in every field of work No Man's Sky offers. We will own the bounty hunting industry, the trading industry, and we claim territory all over the universe with our explorers. With the release of multiplayer on it's way we must build ourselves and be prepared for competition with other gangs, mafias, clans, mobs, and even police forces. So join The Eclipse and be a part of this movement.
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Kool School is an active and friendly server with FUN bots exclusive to this server, FREE advertising, ACTIVE chats and FRIENDLY staff. We are a growing community and we hope you can be a part of us.
Tickling Haven is the international community that provides with your desire for tickling!