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Welcome to [ISV] VSA. The largest VS outfit of Planetside 2.
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Used to chill and talk and for announcements and when ingame comms are broken.
Established June 2018, Imperium Korp is a casual outfit operating almost daily squads/platoons and weekly inter-outfit events. We also host weekly non-planetside 2 gamenights. We offer a relaxed environment which remains objective-focused and competetitive when the need arises.
Gaming | Community
Did I just hear you sigh as you’re looking for friends to play with? Well I am happy you’re here then, we, the Training Alliance Task Force are a large gaming community with the main objective to be as friendly as possible (with possible exceptions during banter). We have around 5000 members worldwide and are looking to expand the family. We aren’t some niche community that only accepts people from one game or maybe two; No we accept everyone, CoD to Slime Rancher, PC to Super Nintendo! So what are you waiting for? Come give us a try over at our discord and play some games with us and make some new friends! All the best The whole of TATF