Art | Gaming
Everything art related that falls under Ashes of Creation!
Gaming | Mature
Phoenix Regiment is a guild for Ashes of Creation. We are a Mature Casual to Semi-Hardcore guild with a focus on PvP, Trading and Economy, Artisan and Mariner classes, PvE raids - land and sea, and social w/ Roleplay (Town setting).
Gaming | Social
Discord da Guilda Nova Ordem - a maior e melhor Guilda BR do MMORPG Ashes of Creation
Gaming | Hobbies
A multi gaming guild. Focused around the release of ashes of creation.
Gaming | Community
A collaborative community centered around enhancing the experience of our members. We play all genres and dive heavily into new MMORPG's. If you want a community with a friendly non-toxic atmosphere for gaming, this is the place!