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Hey we are a fortnite team that’s growing fast. We need people like you to help us grow and become better players. We seem small now but if you join more people will join and the cycle keeps continuing. We are the best of the best. We can offer you all the info. Just join today. First Of All We Accept All Platforms.Even though it only says controller and pc there wasn’t enough tags.Wee are the best of the best.We got raided and we are forces to restart.We look for anyone who wants to grow their account on any social media or wants to become famous. You can join us to replace everyone.We will become the next FaZe or Tsm if you guys join and try your absolute best.We accept anyone any place any time.If you want to join all you have to do is Tryout.The reason you should join Team Darkened is •You will become popular and famous •In the future you will get money •You will make new friends •You will be the best of the best. •No toxicity. We will tell you more just join today.
Gaming | eSports
We talk play games host events for real prizes etc. Join now and win :)
Gaming | Sports
**Team HotShot is recruiting!** Team HotShot is a team that recruits Platinum and above! We try to get a active team and try to get big! Every 2 weeks we make a Team HotShot montage. Interested? Just join our discord for more information! Platforms: PC Members: Needed! Editors: Needed! Designers: Needed!
Community | Role-Playing
Why Choose Us? Here at Safe City Role Play are very glad to have you and, we are open to suggestions and lots of feedback! What is Safe City Role Play? SCRP is a brand new FiveM role play server! We may be small but we have very much to offer you within our server! What departments do we offer? Dispatch (San Andreas 911 Communications) SAST (San Andreas State Troopers) SAFD (San Andreas Fire Department) LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff's Office) FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau) CIV (Civilian) We offer many awesome sub divisions! We also offer: Active Staff Strict Realism Simple Rules Active LEO Active EMS Active Fire Depart
Valorant Esport Team All information in discord.
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Clash Champs is the Premier News, Recruiting, & Tournament Hub for Clash of Clans.
We are a new minecraft server recruiting for new staff and looking for new members! We currently have Prison up and running and are developing Factions!
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Esports focused on the community
Entertainment | Gaming
Chill,fun, talk,chat,bots
Gaming | Military
THFG is a gaming group looking for new members at the moment to play Arma 3 and other groups.
Role-Playing | Military
The Kurokami Empire is a roleplaying community made for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons, meet new people, have new experiences and learn the dynamics of clanworlds. Kurokami is a safe and semi-sheltered community for roleplayers to learn and make friends. Although all ages are welcome, immature or inappropriate behaviors or prohibited.
Community | Social
Galaxy themed server. Not a RP server All are welcome.
Social | Growth
If you're looking for new friends or just want people to talk to, this server can help you with that! Join and make friends! :)
Hobbies | Military
Join the 10th. if you're looking for a relaxed Milsim to enjoy on top of Warthunder or potentially other games such as A3 or CSGO.
Technology | Support
HIRING NEW MODERATORS A discord community focused around technologies Big Data, AI & Mainframe. There is a wide range of topics within the server ranging from Gaming to Anime. With a warm and welcoming community, we'll help you excel in your passion for technology.
Gaming | eSports
Hey guys! This server is for connecting, chilling and playing with other Valorant players. Playing scrims and recruiting players.
Gaming | Entertainment
Minecraft Building Discord with a strong community
Gaming | Growth
New Val community server. Looking for Mid-High tier players.