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YouTube General's recruitment server for Clash Of Clans!
Gaming | Community
AutumnMC Discord is the discord server for the AutumnMC Minecraft Server! On here, we will be posting sneak peeks, updates, as well as giveaways! Keep an eye in here for release dates as well as any new information we release to the public!
Art | Gaming | Entertainment
The official discord of an upcoming Pokemon ROM hack by Aspiring Poketrainer. Come and enjoy yourself among a creative community.
Gaming | Community
PillageCraft is the discord that the PillageCraft Network uses to engage with out community and give updates on new and exciting projects that we launch. In this discord, you will see some of the following posts including: Announcements of future projects, staff recruitments, sales on our store, and much more! If you are a fan of minecraft networks and are looking for something new with exciting and entertaining content, then come on up and join us here at, Pillage Craft!
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Red Dead Online is all about THE CREWS. The rivalries, the beef, the spice! It's what makes Red Dead entertaining! But other servers don't want any part of it, saying it's too "toxic" and "offensive." But what do they know? All they care about is Red Dead players. You know what we care about? Red Dead CREWS. Join the official Red Dead Redemption Crew Hub, a Discord Server that caters specifically to crews! It gives all groups a place to chat, fight, make alliances, recruit, and much more! Used by several major crews, such as WOLF NATION, Griefer Hierarchy, and the Rough Riders, this server is truly the place to be if you want your crew to be a known, legitimate, and recognized group in the online community. So join today! And bring your crew with you to gain more influence in not only the server, but the Red Dead Online Community!
Gaming | eSports
Hey guys! This server is for connecting, chilling and playing with other Valorant players. Playing scrims and recruiting players.
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Join this server for GFL(Global Farming league) recruitment We help every clan who wish to make his/her clan future GFL or want players to recruit We believe in helping so come join us and have fun
Art | Programming | Financial
Looking for somewhere to post for commissions? Looking to recruit people for your projects? Just want a place that you can share your work? Paid or unpaid, small or big, advertise here! C: Growing community of +200!
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Welcome to the Railjack Outpost, tenno. If you seek knowledge regarding the Railjack, and all of its functions, mechanics, and more, you have come to the right place. Experienced players, guides, recruitment channels and VC will make your RJ missions a lot smoother and overall more enjoyable. Wait no more, and join our growing community!
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Misceo - PC Playerbase - A young and actively developing clan! - As of posting this, Misceo is a medium-small Shadow Clan in terms of member capacity! - Members are active daily and contributing daily, fast development! - Research is not complete yet, around 90% and is contributed towards and pushed every day! - Dry Dock/Railjack Missions and Kuva Lich trading available! - High ranks acquired easily since the clan is small right now! - Beginner friendly - Misceo welcomes beginner players and anyone more experienced! - Clan Discord - the easiest way to contact members of the clan to arrange events and/or missions or seek advice/help! Please message me if you're interested in joining, and I'll have a Discord and in-game clan invite sent ASAP! Zhenn#9999