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Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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AETHER • egirl • chat • social Icon
Community | Meme
Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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Social | Gaming | Anime
💕 Anime / Manga 🎁 Motivation 🎮 Gaming ⭐ Politics & News 🏮 Study 🌎 Make friends 💬 Active voice chats 🎲 Support 😂 Fun Bots 🌸Economy and more! Always active, civil, and fun. Your new favorite Discord community. Join now!
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Community | Beliefs | Education
🌻 A friendly place for the thoughtful, or silly mind! Here you can participate in all sorts of conversations, be silly and banter, talk about more mature topics in their designated channels, and take part in daily surveys, play games, VC and more. 18+ Only!
Philosophy & Politics Icon
Political | Community
We host superb debates and discussions alongside democratic voting on quality content and devolved server moderation. Meet some like-minded people, engage in dialogue with those of alternate or even opposing perspectives, and advance your skills in argumentation along with expanding your awareness and knowledge. No pre-existing skillset on any specific topic is required. ✅️ Over 200 easily-assignable roles assigned to worldview positions, categorized into six categories from theism to economics and all in between. 🎓 Competency rankings run by moderators and determined by community polling to give recognition to those with quality content. 🆙️ Automatic ranking based on cumulative user activity. 👥 Multiple topic-specific text channels, voice channels, and dedicated spaces for 1v1 or team debates. 🛂 Devolved server moderation via specialized procedures, checks and balances to minimize abuse of power.
CGTP|润物有声|Multilingual Icon
Gaming | Political
No better place to meet Chinese-speaking gamers and talk about difficult things in this multilingual server! 联机/论政/交友/折扣,时差党/联机党/闲聊党/白嫖党/潜水党来就对了!
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Business | Education
[GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE MEDIA] ✅️ World News ✅️ Self Promotion ✅️ Politics ✅️ Cool, Paid Bots ✅️ Business ✅️ Community This community is for those who want to stay ahead of the curve. It is for connecting users who want to share and receive information regarding politics, the economy, current events, innovation, stock moves and many more sub topics. There are also region based channels for sub communities to discuss local affairs. ☎️🔎ROLES FOR ALL☎️🔎
Skept Republica Icon
Political | Education
A non toxic community for discussing Politics, Religion, Philosophy, History, Science, Economics etc.
Nameless Debates II Icon
Community | Beliefs | Education
The central conceptual theme here at Nameless Debates is an overwhelming focus on the free exchange of ideas, opinions, critiques and compliments that emerges from the sort of open dialogue that we love to promote on this platform.
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Community | Social
Australia's premier discord server, with quality members and quality chat. An exclusive server featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted.
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Political | Community | Social
We are a political server designed for two-way, respectful, bipartisan debate and discussion on politics and current events. We have been on Discord for two years, and have developed a well-bonded community that has been able to come together and find common ground from across the political spectrum
Russia Icon
Growth | Language
We are here to help Russians, we make sure no hate on their country or them goes through, we have censored over 900+ words! We will list a few perks: Dank memer heists/giveaways, daily russian news, great art and advertising! Мы здесь, чтобы помочь русским, мы следим за тем, чтобы не было ненависти к их стране или к ним, мы подвергли цензуре более 900+ слов! Мы перечислим несколько привилегий: ограбления/раздачи Dank memer, ежедневные русские новости, отличное искусство и реклама!
Flight Network Icon
Political | Beliefs
Anarchy has rules. Anti-Authority. ☠Ⓐ⚐ Philosophy | Politics | Discussion
United Marxist Pact Icon
Political | Education
Greetings from the __**𝕌𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕩𝕚𝕤𝕥 ℙ𝕒𝕔𝕥**__! We are a growing principally **Marxist-Leninist **server with a collection of useful resources and community items! :books: - While primarily a Theory and Resource server, we also host Discussions, Memes, Classrooms, News, History, loads of general chat! :earth_africa: - International server with people from all over, though English is the major language :scales: - An active moderation team working to keep the peace and remove toxicity and have productive conversations :rainbow_flag: - Intersectionality is Marxist Dialectical Materialism applied to the social systems in conjunction with class! Bigotry and toxicity are not allowed, and our community is accepting of those from all races, sexualities, genders, etc!! :100: - Very active and dedicated community While Marxism-Leninism is our main ideological bent, all non-social-reactionaries that are willing to learn and be respectable are welcome. Join the United Marxist
ᴇᴘɪᴄ ⁽ᶜᵃᶠᵉ⁾ Icon
Anime | Gaming | Community
Friendly café server! Active community of over 12,000 members -- regular giveaways, events. Open staff roles! Come hang out with us!
ᴇᴘɪᴄ ⁽ᶜᵃᶠᵉ⁾ Large Banner
ᴇᴘɪᴄ ⁽ᶜᵃᶠᵉ⁾ Icon
Anime | Gaming | Community
Friendly café server! Active community of over 12,000 members -- regular giveaways, events. Open staff roles! Come hang out with us!
GravitasDigitalCollective Icon
LGBT | Political
The largest leftist-anarchist community on Discord. Professional and dilligent staff, member-led committees, and steady community events and activities set this community apart from the rest.
Organised Debate UK Icon
Political | Beliefs
We hope to have frequent debates about issues within the UK and across the world. We hope to hold debates multiple times per week however we need members so join today! We will discuss all issues and will allow all opinions.
Keep America Gaming Icon
Gaming | Political
Welcome to Keep America Gaming aka KAG! This is a server focused mainly on gaming but there will also be talks of politics on the side.
Progressive Socialists Icon
Political | LGBT
Progressive Socialists is a debate server for people of all ideologies to discuss anything they like, politics, religion, philosophy, etc. LGBT friendly.
BCNDP Club Icon
Political | Community
A server for NDP (particularly British Columbian) members and supporters to connect and have fun! We have plenty of bots and resources, for any Canadian activists.
Endless Politics Icon
Political | Community
😎 This is a server for talking POLITICS of any kind, we have a great team who ensure a safe and healthy environment and we accept all views and peoples ❤️ ❤️ Looking for Moderators!! 🔥🙏🏻🔥 What We Offer: 1️⃣ - Great and welcoming community 🥰 🥰 2️⃣ - Reaction Roles ✅ 😎 3️⃣ - Political Debate and text channels and debate nights!! 🔥 🔥 4️⃣ - Daily Streams of Movies and TV Shows!! 🍿 🍿 5️⃣ - Channels for music and games!! 🎮 🕹️ 6️⃣ - 100% Safe For Work Server 👍 7️⃣ - 16+ requirement 🚫
Land Of Kryptos Icon
Social | Gaming
This is a community-based server that can help you to get friends! This is a perfect space to socialize, hang out with others, and meet new people. Enjoy! Join Today:
Blue Politics Icon
Beliefs | Social | Political
Welcome to political discourse done right; an open forum and community for any kind of conversation, debate, or just hanging out, where civility is our top priority.
The Palette Icon
Community | Hobbies
Welcome to The Palette!! An 18+ server dedicated to maintaining a supportive community and knowledge growing. We touch on subjects such as, Mental health, sciences, gaming, gardening, investing, art of all kinds, philosophy, and civil debating. Join our community and be welcomed with loving arms! Again, we have an age requirement of 18+ years old
The Political Hub Icon
Political | Community
**__The Political Hub__** Did you used to love politics but eventually got tired of dead end conversations that seemed to end in headaches or furious anger? Our server may be the place for you to finally reignite that political flame in your feisty heart! Our server prides itself on productive and substantive debates that are sure to get your noggin smokin’! We offer many unique services that many other servers don’t, such as; - Essay feedback! Have real college educated humans read and give feedback on your writing so you don’t have to explain to your mom why the teacher is emailing her again! - Partnerships with other servers (and maybe even your own) to find other chill places to meet more people! - Regular VC debates and discussions moderated by human beings with an IQ above 70! - Other events to bring the community together that may even cause you to crack a smile! Join today and you won’t regret it (theoretically of course)
Animation Icon
Anime | Gaming
250+ emoticons ✨ 2.6k+ members ✨ 3+ years of existence ✨ safe environment ✨ experienced moderators
NeoGeo Icon
Community | Gaming
NeoGeo NeoGeo is a collection of two servers together via bungeecord. Play in the long terms towny server and fight for your nation 🤺, or join the 30 day survival server with some special perks 😉 Level up, chat, voice, shitpost, and more in the NeoGeo Discord server! 🥂
Carbon Icon
Music | Bot
Carbon is an audio entertainment system, using Carbons wide variety of commands you're able to stream music directly into your servers voice & stage channels! Carbon allows you to queue up entire playlists worth of music and stream them into voice channels and stage channels for everyone to hear.
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Carbon Icon
Music | Bot
Carbon is an audio entertainment system, using Carbons wide variety of commands you're able to stream music directly into your servers voice & stage channels! Carbon allows you to queue up entire playlists worth of music and stream them into voice channels and stage channels for everyone to hear.
Society Icon
Political | Education
Society is a watering hole for those who enjoy the more casual side of adult conversation. Designed to be voice chat and stage-centric, our voice channels are situated at the top of our community, both literally and figuratively. Discuss topics anywhere from politics, religion, philosophy, etc.
Intellectualist Icon
Political | Education
Politics, philosophy, religion, debate, events, support, experts: The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions.
Leftist HQ Icon
Leftist HQ is a server for constructive political dialogue, chill chatting, polls, memes, and events. We are generally Marxist, but we accept anyone willing to hold dialogue respectfully
Intelligence Icon
Community | Education
————⎸💰💯🗺📊 Intelligence 🔥📚👾🚀|————— Join the server talk and post all types of valuable information. learn and talk about all about the levels of life and the world join and share your knowledge! ———————⎸⚡️Features⚡️⎸—————— Friendly Community😁 — Perms Unlocked 🔑 — — Roles 🎭— Music 🎵 — Dank Memer 🐸— Quotes🗯—Books 📚 YouTube links — Twitter Feeds🐥 — Reddit bot🤖— Debates🗣 — Events🎉 — Giveaways🎁 ——————⎸🎙 Discussions/Topics📝 ⎸——————— Business💸, Investing📈 & Finance💰— Conspiracies👻 — Culture🏟 — Economics🌆 — Politics🇺🇸 -- Psychology🧐 — Philosophy🧙🏼‍♂️ — Religion🙏 — Technology💻 Survival🛖— Math🧮—Science🦠-- Health🏥 — Literature✍🏼 and more
Democrats Icon
Political | Beliefs
The Democrats Discord (Demcord) is an international community of people ranging from Bloomberg supporters to Bernie supporters, capitalists to socialists, and people of all different races and orientations. We accept Democrats and other individuals that hold most left-leaning ideologies, and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination within this server. Our server, just like the Democratic party, is working to bring people of all races, creeds, and backgrounds together in order to create meaningful progress and change within the United States. Channels range from elections, memes, news, and political theory. We have hosted several AMAs with big names like Alex Morse and the founder of CNNalysis. Every month we have AMAs with representatives, mayors, legislators, statisticians, and more!
Communist Library Icon
Education | Political
We have a wide range of sources on various topics for all to enjoy! From works of Marx on dialectical materialism to historical sources on modern communist history! Be sure to join to harness the power of knowledge!
Social Democracy Network Icon
Political | Community
A server for progressives who want a welfare state with solidarity, freedom and justice! We admire the progress that Nordic countries have made in economic and social justice and want to go further, including addressing the current climate crisis. We are an international community of progressives that discuss and debate politics, play games, react to the news cycle and read books together. We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive and don't allow slurs or hate speech of any type. We accept liberals, moderates and centrists, but socialists, communists, conservatives, libertarians, anarchists and fascists are not welcome. "What is social democracy?" Social democracy is a political ideology that advocates for a capitalist market economy characterized by state intervention and regulation as well as a welfare state that enables the realization of both positive and negative liberties. Its core values are freedom, justice and solidarity. References: Economics and Social Democracy, by Simon Vaut et al.
Ascendancy Icon
Role-Playing | Political
A virtual government with a Legislature, Government and Court. The story changes depending on the players who pass laws etc.
Box of Potatoes Icon
Gaming | Community
A friendly server filled with loving potatoes. We talk about anything from Gaming, Politics, Movies, Computers and more! We regularly check Humble Bundle for free game deals and share them in #announcements.
Democratic Republic of Rascain Icon
Community | Hobbies
Welcome to the Democratic Republic of Rascain! We are a friendly and peace loving micronation who will crush and destroy all who oppose us. Please feel free to join, our goal is to grow enough to be accepted by the United Nations!
Community | Education
Server per discussioni civili su qualunque argomento (principalmente politica ed economiche), per fare amicizie e nuove conoscenze. Si può studiare, confrontarsi o riposarsi con gli amici giocando con i bot o ascoltando musica.
LGBT+ Debate Icon
Beliefs | LGBT
looking for an lgbt debate server? consider joining lgbt+ debate, a server geared towards all audiences interested in debating lgbt topics, either in general or in regards to niche discourse. are you a conservative or someone who aligns with right-wing beliefs? this server is available for you and welcomes anti-lgbt or lgbt critical stances. on the other hand, people on the left may join as well. liberals and centrists are also welcome. truscum or transmed? this server has a place for you! do you identify as gender critical or as a radical feminist? you’re free to debate trans topics here. we also have channels that may be suited for other radical feminist discussions. we only forbid certain groups of people such as n*zis and p*doph*les from joining.
Elite Crypto Signals Discord Icon
Crypto | Financial | Community
An awesome community, were everyone can discuss cryptocurrency and master the art of crypto trading, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have).
Elite Crypto Signals Discord Large Banner
Elite Crypto Signals Discord Icon
Crypto | Financial | Community
An awesome community, were everyone can discuss cryptocurrency and master the art of crypto trading, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have).
Fair Debates Icon
Community | Social
Fair Debates is a platform for opposing voices to engage together in productive discourse on a variety of social and political topics. We hope you find something of interest on this server and enjoy your time here.
Red Dragon Icon
Community | Social
Red Dragon is an Asia focused server discussing news, culture, politics, and anime. Our objective is to educate and inform the world, about events in East and Southeast Asia.
конец: NationRP Icon
Military | Role-Playing
конец: Nations RP What are you able to do in конец? Well you can 🌐 Establish a nation 🧤 Arrest your opposition to retain power 🔫 Create the largest military 🌀 Rule the nation of your dreams ⚔️ Declare war on others 📉 Sanction other nations and damage their economies ✒️ Use diplomacy 💵 Expand your economy 🕊️ Bring peace to the world 🌊 Rule the waves 🤝 Form alliances and manage trade relationships 🔥 Spark rebellion and overthrow the government ☁️ Bring superiority to the skies And much more
Unitary Balkan Kingdom Icon
Political | Gaming
Balkan Brothers Unite! The Unitary Balkan Kingdom is a discord server that focus's on bringing people who were born and /or have Balkan blood with in them. Being a Balkan is not a requirement for joining this discord as everyone is free to join.
Degeneracy Icon
Community | Technology
A fairly new server welcoming all kinds of personalities. Sit around as it grows and you might find some people who interest you. Here you dont have to worry about power hungry mods as it is fairly low moderation we dont care what comes around just as long as you stick to the basics. Good server if you feel lonely or decide to choose violence. Feel free to join and stick around for a while
The Agora Icon
Political | Beliefs
Welcome to the Agora, we are a space for open and honest discussion of fascism and of politics in general. This is not a "fascist server" per se but rather a unique sanctuary where adherents of all political ideologies may speak freely. This server is strictly 16+ and is not open for hate speech (e.g. Nazi apologia, genocide denial).
Politics Hangout Icon
Political | Role-Playing
A political and social discussion server. We are a democracy with elected staff and ever changing rules and regulations.
Orber'sRoundTable Icon
Hobbies | Gaming
This server is relaxed, with little by way of imposing rules. It's an established community. The interests expressed here are varied. The topics discussed here are opinionated and the political standings expressed are diametric. The server's humorous expression is open and non-punishing.
Libertarianism Icon
Political | Education
A high quality server dedicated to the discussion and debate of Libertarianism and free market economics. Join today!
Federation Of Paxico Icon
Political | Role-Playing
Federation Of Paxico Looking for a realistic politics based server? If you are, then this is the right server for you! What we offer: 📎║Friendly And Professional Staff! 💬║A Non-Toxic Community! 🤝║We Offer Partnerships! 💵║Our Very Own Functional Economy! 🚀║Booster Perks! ⛔️║No NSFW! 🎉║Giveaways! ⛪️║Our Own Constitution And Parliament! 🏠║Many Jobs Such As Doctor, Accountant, Loan Officer, And Many More! ⚡️║Become A President, Governor, Senator, And More! 💵║Create Your Own Politican Party! 📄║Monthly Elections! 📈║Become A Member Of The Parliament! 🥷🏻║Become A Mafia Leader! 👨🏻‍✈️║Realistic Corruption Concept! 🤵🏻║Become A Lawyer And Even A Judge! 🎾║Join The National Sports Team! 🚨║National Emergencies! 💰║Start Political Campaigns 🪧║Start Protests! 💸║Realistic Bribery Concept! 💸║Start Your Own Cartel! 🤑║Buy A Business! Join PAXICO Today! 🧷 Link:
Tea House of Eternity Icon
Community | Political
A fun, chill server with themes of witchcraft, spirituality and occult where you can make friends and talk.
sluvar fan club Icon
Community | Beliefs
Sluvar Fan Club is a chill server for seekers of a server with unlimited free speech. However, we host debates, sometimes political, for the "not-as-chill." Also, the main man Sluvar literally has a plush version of himself that he made. How cool is that?
Maki Icon
Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
Maki Large Banner
Maki Icon
Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
Irish Otaku's Hangout Icon
Community | Political
Welcome to my new domain: Hangout of Otakus! I am the Taoisach of this luxurious place, more commonly known as IrishOtaku34, or just Joshua :3 This is a political server with a little bit of everything lots of channels , it's open to anyone once you agree to follow the rules stated within my server and all will be grand once you follow them :3 But if you don't agree to our rules then you can always kindly and respectfully leave, albeit this is a server meant for everyone no need to be political even lol. This is meant to be a place for everyone. We care about the truth , and the truth, also free speech highly advocated here because it is dwindling these days and of course our people AKA our members highly and there opinions >:) We are an Irish, friendly, nerdy, otaku Community situated in the greenest and best country in the world (in my opinion): Ireland! We are looking for new Irish folk within the country to join! and others :3
Political | LGBT
Are you a 24/7 terminally online hard chatter? Do you need to argue with everyone you see? Do you think you can impress cute egirls by wrecking everyone around you? Join your fellow lolcows and fight eachother to right now and tell anyone else to come prepared for a beating! You will be the most popular person in the room. No one likes getting owned, but few know how to take it as well as a lolicon.
Politics All-Positions Icon
Political | Social
The only real free-speech zone - where every opinion can be voiced, heard, and debated. 🎯✨𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓭𝓲𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓼 𝓾𝓼 𝓯𝓻𝓸𝓶 𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓼𝓮𝓻𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓼?✨✌️😎 * Political / philosophical / religious- roles customization bot. 🤩🤖 * High-quality and mature-level discussions. 💬🧠🤯🧵 * Users from all over the political spectrum. 🎤⚡🤠 * Always friendly community, even with hard disagreements. 🤗💖 * VC debates. 🔥👨‍🎤💅🎪 * Active and impartial staff. 🧑‍🍳🥰 * No indecent/nsfw material. 🐞☔️ Manual link:
Social Deviants Icon
Community | LGBT
We are a community based server which is open to all people of different ages, genders and sexualities. The server is made to have a safe space so if you feel as though you have a stupid question you are open to people who will help you understand. The intention of this server is to allow all people to discuss politics or to make friends with like minded people. We are against trolling and we want all members to be treated with respect. Icon
Political | Entertainment
Welcome to! We are a server dedicated to free speech and having a overall good time! We Have: -Lots of Emojis -A strong and growing community -Variety of Roles -and Most Importantly, free speech!
All Debate Community Icon
Community | Political
We are a discord server that allows any belief on any opinion or belief you may have. Our goal is to create an environment where we can all debate. In our server, the moderation team never leans toward one side so getting banned for no reason is out of question.
。゚ʚ ☕ Moonlit Cafe ☕ ɞ ˚。 Icon
Community | Hobbies | Emoji
We are a brand new all inclusive, friendly and inviting server with a pretty spooky cafe theme! We offer a friendly community and lots of awesome and wholesome channels! So far, nobody really knows each other. Hopefully that will change soon! 👻☕。
The Arts Icon
Art | Community
18+; centered around the art's, including traditional arts, music, photography, abstract and contemporary, graphics arts and more.
insanityland 2.0 Icon
Community | Meme
identifying paranoid schizophrenics and sending them random number sequences every 5 minutes challenge (gone wrong) (gone sexual) (homeland security called) 😳
Politics & Memes Icon
Political | Crypto
Conversational debating and current events, voice chats.
PUK | Politics UK Icon
Political | Community
Politics UK is a new community aimed at those with an interest in British politics. We have a whole variety of ways to enjoy the server. Come and join our up-and-coming community!
България на Три Океана Icon
Political | Military
България на Три Океана, сървър за всеки българин! В сървъра може да говорите без никаква цензура за (неофициалната ни) история и за политическия ни живот в страната. Сървъра има като за цел да обедини българските граждани под едно име "Българи", без значение, ваксиниран или не, русофоб или русофил и т.н. В сървъра предлагаме: • Политически канал • Аксиоми върху дадена история на България • Меме канал (с оценяване) • Едит канал • Предназначаване на роли • Естика канал • Гейминг канали