A mental health server those who don't belong/fit in, the depressed, isolated, nervous, forlorn, lonesome, clinically miserable, invalids, interlopers, the debilitated, loners, rejects, freakish geeks, misfits, the wretched, outsiders, the marginalized, unwell, depressive realists, dregs of society.
A mental health server, open to everyone who deals with mental illness of any sort or who just want a place where they can talk about their problems and get support. We try our best to be a supportive and inclusive server. Server is for ages 16 and above.
Come on, if you wanna vent in chill join. Everyone is friendly
This is a friendly server for people with bpd (you dont have to be diagnosed) to connect with each other and socialize as well as support each other through difficult times. This is a friendly community full of support and care. No bullying is tolerated. I also plan on introducing cyber game nights and other fun activities! Come join us!