Community | Meme
Social Departments Against Furry Roleplaying Servers is a chill, fun, and welcoming association. There are multiple departments and ranks to choose from and become. There is music to listen to, bots, and users to chat with (including debates, small talks, unpopular opinions, etc.). Join the gang.
Gaming | Community
A youtuber's fun hangout for all ages
Community | Entertainment
Hi we want you to join our server MysticYT Community it is a great place to hang out and here are some features: * Free Nitro / Nitro Giveaways Our Bots: * Dank Memer * Mudamaid * Waifu Bot * Rythm * Tatsumaki Features: * Voice Chats * Voice Video Chat (Using Bot) * Growing Community * Fun bots * Allows Community Suggestions Join Today And Have Fun.
Community | Entertainment
Olá viajante, bem vindo ao Space Club! contamos com sua presença🌙 Nosso servidor é focado em bate papo e diversão, fazemos giveaways e temos jogos como de waifu e pokemon. Temos um sistema de rank por level, e cada rank recebe o nome especial de uma estrela do nosso universo Nosso servidor conta com uma temática espacial, com uma rádio tocando músicas temáticas 24 horas
Gaming | Community
🎮 Rocket League - 📈 Ranks, Shops, News & More | 🎉 Giveaways | 🛒 Trading | 🔐 24/7 Middlemen | 📅 Events
Community | eSports
This is a server for everyone: We have channes focused on: Gaming, Mental help, memes, role playing, poland ball, politics, history, anime, maps, flag, modding, programing, photography, arts, and everything Find friends here or just people to talk to. We have self-roles, ranking system (based on activity in the server), everything you could want basically We have channels for non-english speakers too!
Meme | Community
A small yet QUALITY community that is really close with eachother. This discord is for any sort of person! We have channels dedicated to almost everything and if you feel as though we're missing something, feel free to let us know! Me and my small team have worked as hard as we can to make it a place that is a quality discord to hangout in and have fun. We like to talk about all sorts of things from just general discussion to playing pokemon in our pokemon channel! Active members, General Channels for most conversations!, A Super awesome fun Pokemon channel that is extremely active!, Meme channel, A food channel, Roles that give access to specific channels so you won't get spammed notifications unless you specifically react for the role and much more! Finally we have an awesome moderation team and system that helps keep everything clean! (Although we're always looking for new members to add to the moderation team!). We're constantly looking for new members, I can't wait to see you!
Gaming | Community
ReimannMc · Ranks · Skyblock · Pvp · Custom crates · Custom Envoys/Warps · And more ReimannMc is a brand new minecraft server that needs players and active staff! Join our discord! *Server releasing in June* Our store ->
Anime | Gaming
Basically a weeb server
Gaming | eSports
Competitive Minecraft Scrims!
Military | Mature
Unturned, Arma (2 and 3), Insurgency, Insurgency Sandstorm, Squad, Space Engineers, Dayz, Rising Storm 2.
Gaming | Community
- GameBox - Fortnite - Minecraft - CS:GO - Mario Kart - Community - Staff
Community | Gaming
We are a welcoming gaming community, focused on 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 anti-social people 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿 and gamers 💙
Gaming | Community
The Rebel Federation is a gaming community based out of a variety of games. This is the discord of our Minecraft division, currently named The Kingdom of Reveran. Check us out!
Community | Gaming
Friendly community server with good staff, ranks, rewards and suggestions with an nsfw channel, which makes this a good server for all games.
LGBT | Community
A GSA server We have: Custom roles Ranks you can earn VC chats for friends Good moderation
Entertainment | Community
«────── « ⋅Carnage Community⋅ » ──────» Welcome to Carnage Community where your main goal is to earn as many roles as possible .We aim to be your number #1 place for giveaways, self promotion & entertainment! ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ What we have to offer you: ꒰+꒱ Unlimited Advertising ꒰+꒱ Free and Premium Advertising ꒰+꒱ Friendly community, lots of games to play! ꒰+꒱ Awesome Bots to interact with ꒰+꒱ Regular Giveaways ꒰+꒱ Invite / Bump / Daily / Nitro Rewards ꒰+꒱ Chat Based Rank System ꒰+꒱ Tons of channels and categories ꒰+꒱ & Plenty More to Come! ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔
Gaming | Community
Just people who like to play games, talk and chill. Find a channel and start your game!
Social | Gaming
This is a chilled out server where people can meet new people and talk to whoever they want about whatever they want.
Gaming | Anime
Brand new server for my channel. Based around the anime series Naruto. Join to become Genin and rank your way up.
Gaming | Community
We are a slowly growing community of gamers that love to hang and chill. Whether you are are a hardcore gamer or you just came to hang out. Helenski Hack Gaming is just the place. We have a multitude of amazing Bots that you can use at your disposal The staff are amazing. You can assign different roles to yourself and access channels of some of your favorite games. So what are you waiting for, Join HHG today!
Gaming | Community
RevolveCS is a premium Minecraft Server Network! RevolveCS has been an idea since 2015. IP Address: Website: Discord: Apply for staff:
Gaming | Financial
New and Upcoming ACNH Server based around trading,friendly faces all around and strict rules when needed.
Gaming | Community
BILL GATES BANK is a super chill server with a money rank up system, The server is to connect with other gamers and play with new friends on different varieties of games that suits you.
Gaming | Community
Chill Gaming Community:Playing Minecraft and More.Free EarnAble Ranks.Join Now!
Gaming | Bot
Be a member of PokéWorld! You will be able to catch POKÉMONS with other Members, trade, gift auction and battle them in the many arenas we have! Participate in Gym Battles to win all the badges so you can participate in the weekly event to fight the Elite 4 in a 6 Team Battle! Finally, after you beat the Elite 4, you can have your shot at the Champion to take away his title for yourself and have your name in the Hall of Fame! ✦ Features ✦ 》 Roleplay. 》 Safari Zone with spam chats. 》 Day Care. 》 Contest Center. 》 Battle Tower with ranked battles. 》 Gym Battles. 》 Slums. 》 Trainer Rank System. 》 Many Events and giveaways. Note: This is a newly made server so certain events are still offline, until we get enough people to actualy participate in them. We care currently looking for Gym Leaders!
Community | Meme
Chill server to vibe and hangout with people.
Gaming | Community
The Cokes are a community/gaming server. We are very new but quickly growing. Things to look out for here are: ◊ Auto-ranks ◊ Family game night once a week (jackbox or similar) ◊ Presence in many online games (inc Minecraft, R6 Siege, Clash Royale) ◊ An actual sense of humour ◊ And much more to come
Gaming | Social
React in the server to choose ranks from over 200+ popular games to get in contact with users who play these games as well!
Entertainment | Gaming
This is the server for all things Cheese Studios! If you don’t know what Cheese Studios is, it’s basically a Game Company on In this discord you can mess around, find details on the next beta testing, win upgrades and even ask to make a game! We have a free rank and a paid rank. To get the premium rank, go to But you don’t always need to pay because we host bimonthly lucky draws so you can have a chance to get some epic perks!
Community | Entertainment
🌮ȶɦɛ ӄօօʟ ȶǟƈօ ƈʟʊɮ 🌮 is a NEW DISCORD SERVER where we have a great place where you can just simply chill and hangout, maybe even meeting a lot of new friends!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Gaming | Community
An in-developement PvP server build around Moba style of gameplay based in a stereotypical medieval world. We're still quite early in building the community - don't be shy to come and say hi! Main Features: ● A classic medieval universe spanning across old European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Nordic battlefields. ● 5 handcrafted maps, with more to come ● 3 starting gamemodes: Conquest, Domination, Treasure Rush ● 4 Factions, each with its own unique mechanics and aesthetics ● 14 Different Classes ● In-game shops ● Automated lobbys ● Custom Faction Ranks
Anime | Community
Offener Server mit erarbeitbaren Leveln/Minispielen/Emotes einem Musikbot und Autochannels in einem netten Mage Theme gehalten ^-^
Anime | Hobbies
Anime Server
Community | Gaming
I started this server with a few buddies and am looking to grow this server into a community! We like to message throughout the day and are casual gamers as well. This is a perfect server for those looking to have a place to simply talk to others and just chill. We have ranks to reward the most acti
Gaming | Social
What do we have? 🎉 | Ranks and Leveling 🤖 | Fun Bots! OWO, Rhythm, Idle Miner... 🤖 | WE NOW HAVE MUDAE 🤠 | A Growing Community 🎮 | Gaming Channels ✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦ This is a growing community. We play everything and will play with anyone. Anyone can join. ✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
Gaming | Entertainment | Community
- Among Us Dedicated Server - Chill Vibes and Amazing Moderators - Premium Dank Memer Server - Robbing and Heists ALLOWED - Ranks and Leveling
Gaming | Entertainment
Come Join This Server To Chat And Stream i have alot of activities to do
Gaming | Community
My server is mostly about having fun, meeting new people and being part of the community/family. We have a lot of great channels for u guys that is willing to join. We have 58 members, 3 boosters and a total of 44 channels that is in the server. This is not made but we hope u the best that u join my server and be part of it. (ily)
Art | Community
Competitive art server for artists, made by artists! We're a community of artists from all skill levels, from beginners, to industry professionals! Join and grow together with us! Fully automated rank, level progression, and leaderboards!
Gaming | Role-Playing
This is a battlefront 2 Milsim. We roleplay ass clone troopers and we deploy and rank up.
Military | Social
A military server to gain leadership potential, military knowledge, and obviously to have fun!
Community | Political
A power group with many ranks to climb. We control. We expect only perfection; we have no tolerance. If you cooperate, there will be rewards. Fail to comply and there will be consequences. We look only to gain power.