Social Departments Against Furry Roleplaying Servers is a chill, fun, and welcoming association. There are multiple departments and ranks to choose from and become. There is music to listen to, bots, and users to chat with (including debates, small talks, unpopular opinions, etc.). Join the gang.
( League Duos ) Find new people to play with !
A youtuber's fun hangout for all ages
We just talk and have fun!
We create a society of players, combining fun with competition.
We are a community for gamers called Extreme Hell. Our goal is to get as much as possible people around the world to join us. We are posting all the updates from different games. Sometimes having some giveaways in discord, maybe you could win yourself your own rank, that you can customize to your liking.
Hi we want you to join our server MysticYT Community it is a great place to hang out and here are some features: * Free Nitro / Nitro Giveaways Our Bots: * Dank Memer * Mudamaid * Waifu Bot * Rythm * Tatsumaki Features: * Voice Chats * Voice Video Chat (Using Bot) * Growing Community * Fun bots * Allows Community Suggestions Join Today And Have Fun.
A discord server based on an op factions minecraft server in 1.8 - 1.15.2 versions. Everyone is welcome and we have daily drop parties, events and awesome vote rewards!
Chill server to vibe and hangout with people.
We offer custom gamemodes like SkyPvP, SkyKit, SkyBlock, Avatar and more! What version does Minecraftzocker use? Minecraftzocker server supports Minecraft game version: 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x and more to play! Where is Minecraftzocker located? The Minecraftzocker server is currently hosted in Germany. PLAY NOW:
Olá viajante, bem vindo ao Space Club! contamos com sua presença🌙 Nosso servidor é focado em bate papo e diversão, fazemos giveaways e temos jogos como de waifu e pokemon. Temos um sistema de rank por level, e cada rank recebe o nome especial de uma estrela do nosso universo Nosso servidor conta com uma temática espacial, com uma rádio tocando músicas temáticas 24 horas
friendly & chill place about forging friendships. We are a tight-knit family with friendly staff and a wholesome/chill atmosphere centered around relaxing , gaming , showcasing / collaberating talent, socializing and making new friends!
This is the HypeWorld! You can talk, make friends, play games, even roast or compliment others in specific channels! We are hiring staff so join today! 🔥🌏HypeWorld🌏🔥 ------------------------------------- 🎮-Games 👉-Interactive 👫-Social 🔊-Voice Chat 💬-Text Chat 👔-Professional 💁-Hiring Staff! ⚯-Partnerships ⬆️-Growing Fast! ------------------------------------- Join today! -------------------------------------
This is a server for everyone: We have channes focused on: Gaming, Mental help, memes, role playing, poland ball, politics, history, anime, maps, flag, modding, programing, photography, arts, and everything Find friends here or just people to talk to. We have self-roles, ranking system (based on activity in the server), everything you could want basically We have channels for non-english speakers too!
A small yet QUALITY community that is really close with eachother. This discord is for any sort of person! We have channels dedicated to almost everything and if you feel as though we're missing something, feel free to let us know! Me and my small team have worked as hard as we can to make it a place that is a quality discord to hangout in and have fun. We like to talk about all sorts of things from just general discussion to playing pokemon in our pokemon channel! Active members, General Channels for most conversations!, A Super awesome fun Pokemon channel that is extremely active!, Meme channel, A food channel, Roles that give access to specific channels so you won't get spammed notifications unless you specifically react for the role and much more! Finally we have an awesome moderation team and system that helps keep everything clean! (Although we're always looking for new members to add to the moderation team!). We're constantly looking for new members, I can't wait to see you!
ReimannMc · Ranks · Skyblock · Pvp · Custom crates · Custom Envoys/Warps · And more ReimannMc is a brand new minecraft server that needs players and active staff! Join our discord! *Server releasing in June* Our store ->
( League Duos ) Find new people to play with !
Hi, This Server Is Based Around Pokemon Bots. This Is A Server To Feel Welcome In And We Are Normally Friendly. Check The Server Description For More Info.
Basically a weeb server
Competitive Minecraft Scrims!
Unturned, Arma (2 and 3), Insurgency, Insurgency Sandstorm, Squad, Space Engineers, Dayz, Rising Storm 2.
Bleach Mobile 3D Discord server, tons of information regarding the game! Join us today ~
Hello! This server has a channel for the game Naruto Slugfest 3D, with almost over 1,500 members! If you like Anime & gaming, do give us a try! :D
This server focuses on Anime & Gaming, and Tales of Demons and Gods has their own channel! If you generally just like Anime and games, do give us a try! <3
♡Welcome to SnazzyTime!♡ My goal for this server is to just make this an extremely fun place for people to hang out, make some new friends, and just chat and talk! This server is a SFW server as well »»————-  ————-«« ♡We have really cute emotes!♡ Like reallly cute, we have pikachu, bunnies, doggos, kitties, and many more adorable emotes »»————-  ————-«« ♡Friendly staff!♡ Our staff is extremely friendly, as long as you follow the rules and be kind in return »»————-  ————-«« ♡Custom Roles and Colors!♡ Who wouldn’t love this?? You can pick out your very own roles, and you own colors »»————-  ————-«« ♡Ranks!♡ And yes, of course we have ranks! All you need to do is talk to level up! »»————-  ————-««